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Dollhouse Grandfather Clock (Part 1,2 &3)

April 16, 2018

This video will show you how to make a miniature grandfather clock. If this tutorial was helpful to you and you really like creating dollhouse projects please subscribe below as we post new...

What is the best doll furniture grandfather clocks?

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New addition to Hager House, celebrated by American Doll Association

Each room has furniture, and there's even the same grandfather clock featured in the house. The builder of the replica, Thomas Edward said he loved the creation process. “I always wanted to do a dollhouse of the Hager House, I just never started until ... June 12, 2015

Colorado tornadoes destroy homes in areas still mending from floods

It looked like a dollhouse — the tornado had completely ripped off the northern wall. "We didn't even see the roof tear off. We just saw light come through," said Brandon Scott, Allmendinger's son-in-law and the home's owner. "It will probably have to ... June 6, 2015

We are the keepers of stuff

My friend's mother has been collecting antique dolls for over 30 years. When she moved into a smaller home after retirement, most of the dolls went into self-storage. Why did she hang onto them? So that she could one day pass them on to her children ... June 4, 2015

Polly's People: Rediscovering a cherished childhood Savannah home

Next to the bannister “was the spot where Daddy's grandfather clock stood, the same clock that now stands by the bannister in my home in Virginia,” she said. “The half bath had The tour continued and Janet noted how the walls were painted in ... May 15, 2015

Hospice selects 600 items for first auction

Among the 600 items are a handsome Tempis Fugit grandfather clock in which one mechanism alone is worth $1000, a 54 piece Mizuko dinner set featuring a Japanese scene, an 8-piece Limoges dressing table set and a small wood burner used in a single men's ... June 11, 2015

Bachelor scholar leaves 112 tall clocks and a $9.7-million legacy benefiting ...

It's also where he kept seven rare, 8-foot-tall grandfather clocks, any one of which could have been a living room focal point. Snyder, of Washington It will feature furniture and rifles made in Lancaster County during the time Hand lived. "I ... March 8, 2015

Delving into the past and presents

a key-operated doll carousel from the 1880s. One grandfather clock's chime is so rich and robust that I mistake it for church bells. Its stalls brim with country furniture, dolls, quilts and novelties from decades past. Another detour leads to ... April 5, 2015


Polly's People: Rediscovering a cherished childhood Savannah home - Savannah Morning News

Morris and his wife, Doty, were blessed with four daughters, Martha Jean, Louise and twins, Janet and Jerry. Janet Morris Belvin now lives in northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D. C. , but comes home every so often to visit her sister, Louise Purdy, and to re-connect with old friends. Earlier this year Janet made the trip to Savannah because her sister’s belongings were destroyed in the March 2015 fire that raced through River Crossing Apartments. “She lost everything,” Janet said, adding that her sister lived with various family members after the blaze. “When she was ready to return to Savannah, I drove her from North Carolina to Savannah and her new apartment. After Janet finished helping Louise, she drove around town to see some of her “old haunts,” she said. As Janet slowed her car in front of the house, she spotted someone walking around inside. On a lark, Janet decided she’d knock on the door and ask if she could take a few pictures to show her sisters. The timing was especially difficult for Janet and Jerry because it was the summer before their senior year at Savannah High School.

Hospice selects 600 items for first auction - Northern Advocate

Staff at the hospice's Whangarei and Waipu shops have been keeping a close eye on goods coming through the door for the past couple of months and putting aside suitable pieces for the Sunday's "collectibles" auction. Among the 600 items are a handsome Tempis Fugit grandfather clock in which one mechanism alone is worth $1000, a 54 piece Mizuko dinner set featuring a Japanese scene, an 8-piece Limoges dressing table set and a small wood burner used in a single... Vintage clothing is not only relegated to the pretty outfits worn by several old, well-loved dolls - a rack of fur coats, fur stoles and pointy-faced fox furs add to the dress-up effect of a sumptuous kimono and other garb. The lots can be viewed today at the former Anderson's car sales property in Carruth St from 10am until 2pm, and tomorrow from 10am until 4pm. The showroom opens at 11am on Sunday and the auction starts at 1pm. - Northern Advocate. Once you login, you can post further comments and view comments made in your profile.

Bachelor scholar leaves 112 tall clocks and a $9.7-million legacy benefiting ... - LancasterOnline

Snyder, of Washington Boro, had a reason for seven clocks in the kitchen: He had filled up the rest of his house. A small, mildly eccentric bachelor with a tidy mustache and inquisitive mind, Snyder was an independently wealthy antiques scholar with a thing for early Pennsylvania tall case clocks. But 66 clocks stood, often shoulder-to-shoulder like colonial infantry, throughout Snyder's painstakingly restored, six-bedroom brick house he called Toad Hall. Clock parts lay here and there. Each clock plays a role in Snyder's $9. 7-million legacy, one that will benefit museums and historic preservation as far as North Carolina for years to come. But there was more than clocks. Snyder also filled his home, built in 1813, with dozens of early American pieces, such as tables, desks, cupboards, chests and chairs. He wanted to study and save for future generations the best work of inland Pennsylvania furniture makers between 1760 and 1810. Journals and magazines published his research. It fell upon the three co-executors of Snyder's $9. 7-million estate to decide what pieces to sell and what to offer to museums. They gave the best of the best to 17 museums, historical societies and historic homes.


Best Place for Grandfather Clocks

Lula Norman 04.30.15

Best Place for Grandfather Clocks


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90 step-by-step projects.

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