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April 17, 2018

guy get erection and sounds the alarm.

What is the best funny sounds alarm clocks?

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​Apple Watch apps, the first wave: The good, the bad and the slightly weird

Passbook, Maps, Activity, Workouts, Apple's iPod-like Music app, Weather, a stopwatch, Calendar, Alarms, World Clock, a timer, Stocks, Phone and a Remote app that works with the Apple TV or other Apple devices such as Macs. These are the pre-installed ... April 8, 2015

'The Folded Clock' an engaging portrait of a woman's sense of identity

Clock" were just for herself. This book, sparked by her alarm at the rapid, unaccountable passage of time, "is an accounting of two years of my life," she writes. I decided to keep a diary." She begins each of her 93 entries with "Today I," a ... April 2, 2015

Artists In Their Own Words: Andrew Larimer

It's funny, the creators of Sesame Street said they wanted to master the addictive qualities of television and do something good with them, so I thought we could do that again in this day and age with the addiction to screens. Because (Pause). Ugh ... April 6, 2015

Leaders debate live build up - as it happened

This lovely & very funny @AbsoluteRadio interview with Ed Miliband might surprise you, whatever your view of Ed. — Stewart .. "It looks like Ed Miliband. It sounds like Ed Miliband. But it's laughing and telling relatable ... April 2, 2015

The Freedom of Unschooling: Raising Liberated Black Children Without The ...

In many ways, they are typical tweens—fun-loving, curious, magical, moody, and filled with bold opinions on just about everything. But unlike most children their age, Marley and Sage are not enrolled in school, nor are they homeschooled. No one in ... April 5, 2015

The 101 Best Kanye West-Produced Songs That Don't Feature Kanye

Karl's battle-style rhymes (“Making suckers disappear like Amil's career”) sound pretty great over Kanye's Laura Nyro steal, funny and just self-aware enough to excuse his generally unearned boastfulness: “Can't wait until I'm platinum and drowning in ... March 31, 2015

The Internet of Things isn't just coming soon ...

The box connected to the router is a tweaked Roku 2 which is quite funny as there's a Roku Streaming Stick in the next HDMI port along. And a PS3 (I don't play There's currently a five-piece multiroom sound system that can talk to phones, tablets ... April 3, 2015


Upstairs Neighbors

Joanna Goddard

My last apartment in Jersey City found me living on the 2nd floor of a 3-story building. The first floor and third floor were family — mom and daughter (and cousin and random others) on the first floor, and the adult son on the third. But somehow, they've find a way to come together to hold an impromptu BBQ on the front patio, with friends and family from miles around joining the fun. Our upstairs neighbor would make her 2-3 year old run laps in the bedroom so he could get tired to go to sleep. Oh man--our last apartment, our upstairs neighbor had the loudest, craziest yawn you've ever heard--it was like hearing the Sasquatch yawn (several times a day. They also tended to sound like they were rearranging furniture every morning in the living room around 6:30. Oh, and it was delightful that if I was in the bathroom, I could literally hear them sitting on their toilet… eek. We moved last year and now we are the upstairs neighbors, with wood floors…and our downstairs neighbors complained about us to management. They said it sounded like we were stomping around at all hours of the day and night…even though we never wear shoes in the apartment. -My upstairs neighbours once were moving furniture from 1 am to 6 am. -My neighbour across the hall usually leaves the door of her apartment.

The Essential 10: The First Page

Lori Goldstein

I started with ten tips on how to write a better query letter, and this month I’m focusing on how to craft a first page that works—meaning it entices the agent to read more. That’s all a first page has to do. Sounds much simpler than it is. gasp. —a character waking up. One of the things we are told to “never” do. But my character did and still does. The “rules” about not starting with a character waking up or with the weather shouldn’t be taken so literally. What the rule is trying to imply is this: don’t start with the mundane. Don’t have a character wake up, get out of bed, see that it’s raining, take a shower, dry off, eat breakfast, etc. We don’t need to see that happen to accept that it does happen. Get to what’s core to your story and if happens to happen in the shower or when the alarm clock goes off, that’s okay. Yes and no. Because when we all see a great first line, we know it. When we see a mediocre one, we know that too. There are many ways to craft a first line, but the ultimate goal is to leave the reader with no choice but to read on. However…. In both instances, we have the quintessential problem with starting with dialogue: which is that we don’t yet know the characters who are speaking and as such it is hard to care about what they have to say.

It's funny how lonesome a fellow can be, especially with a million people around him.


One film that received this dubious treatment was 1928's Lonesome , which was released by Universal both as a silent and a part-talkie, with the latter version being the one put out by Criterion in 2012. A simple boy-meets-girl story enhanced by... Presented as a day in the lives of two singles -- telephone operator Mary (Barbara Kent) and machinist Jim (Glenn Tryon) -- the film contrasts them as they get up, eat breakfast (hers is more leisurely because she remembered to set her alarm, he... (The montage that takes them from clock-in at 8 a. m. to quitting time at 1 p. m. links them spacially if not physically. ) Declining invitations to join co-workers and their beaus, both are enticed to go to the beach at Coney Beach and take in the attractions, but they wind up being more attracted to each other and spend the rest of the day together -- that is, once...

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Bucks Hearing Dogs Charity Opens Its Doors

Melanie Tyrer, Events Organiser for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, said: "Our annual Spring Open Day is a fun day out for all the family ... Hearing dogs alert deaf people to important sounds such as the doorbell, alarm clock and smoke alarm, and each ... April 11, 2015

Record Release Rundown: The Latest From Brian Wilson, Waxahatchee, Blues Traveler and More.

Wilson even sounds at home singing alongside country singer Kacey Musgraves and Fun.'s Nate Ruess ... even if the synth-line sounds like an alarm clock. Younger's "Younger" **** This Iowa City trio consisting of Amanda Crosby, Sarah Mannix and Rachel ... April 10, 2015

The Soundfreaq Flower Freaq is ready for Mother’s Day

This wireless bedroom speaker and alarm clock that combines The Novogratz’ unique ... making each speaker pattern slightly unique. Sound Rise Flower Freaq adds a fun, colorful design to the nightstand while delivering rich sound and the convenience ... April 9, 2015

AH Primetime: Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge: 30 Interesting Tidbits From the Manual

More fun with the camera – perhaps our second favorite inclusion ... send out your current location to others, sound an emergency alarm, turn on the ‘flashlight’ and more. With the new ‘Card-Style’ recent app window, it is easier than ever ... April 9, 2015

Soundfreaq and The Novogratz Team Up To Launch Sound Rise Flower Freaq, A Limited Edition Wireless Bedroom Speaker & Alarm Clock

Sound Rise Flower Freaq adds a fun, colorful design to the nightstand while delivering ... to Sound Rise takes it to the next level and brings our bedroom speaker and alarm clock to the forefront to accent your room,” said Matthew Paprocki, co-founder ... April 8, 2015

Artists In Their Own Words: Andrew Larimer

which sounds nice, but it’s what it represents — the end of dreamtime — that gets me. You know, the tone comes in trying to be all "I’m fun and innocent," but it’s not fooling anybody. It’s not fooling me. Although, my alarm clock is set to NPR ... April 6, 2015

PussPuss' new method of morning torture

Regular readers will know I love the little grey chubster I call PussPuss but he is worse than an alarm clock with a snooze button that will ... which you suspect could be illegal but you're having fun anyway when "bounce-bounce" goes your head. April 3, 2015


Alarm Clocks - Turbo Car Engine Sound - Funny & Innovative

Eric Chan 11.25.09

New and innovative alarm for all car lovers. Alarm sound of Car engine to wake you up every morning. Product of J Concept Ind Ltd - call (852) 2797 3818 or visit

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