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It's Back to School Time Again

If they don't have an alarm clock, why not get them their own and let them take responsibility for waking up in the morning? Have a good breakfast: Research has shown us time and again that a nutritious Why not sit at the table together and discuss ... September 10, 2015

'Get out of here! Now!' Remembering the Plainfield tornado

A battery alarm clock doing its dim appliance duty, cheerily announcing the start of a regular workday that was not to be, for an owner who was now perhaps dead, buried somewhere in the rubble. Not one male seems between 12 and 60 — the one man ... August 27, 2015

Your Apple Watch can be your alarm clock with the Night Stand

In watchOS 2, Apple says your Watch will function as your alarm clock when you charge it as it lays on its side. Most stands on the marketplace now don't place the watch on its side, so you won't be able to take advantage of the rotated face and snooze ... June 16, 2015

Tomorrow, the world adds a 'leap second' — what does it mean?

To avoid the leap second issue, Google gradually adds a couple of milliseconds to its servers' clocks throughout the day when a leap second is to occur — just enough to stave off disaster by the end of the day but not enough to trip any alarm bells ... June 29, 2015

Cabins can put comfort concerns to bed

Some people just don't like sleeping on the ground. Others, craving privacy, don't want to share a wall. For some, camping still means a restroom and a shower. And heaven forbid you're outside the range of a cell-phone connection. Mid-August means ... August 13, 2015

Waiting in Kuwait, Between Home and War

When we arrived to drop off our gear, bags crowded the narrow paths between rows of bunks. There were over a hundred men, soldiers and marines, We were like Odysseus's men feasting at the table of the goddess Circe before being turned into swine ... May 27, 2015

14 Ideas to Create a Soul-Nourishing Morning Routine

Make it easy for yourself by having your running gear ready to put on as soon as you get up. You'll find it The natural light will wake you in the morning (use an alarm as a back up to start!) Set the table, use silverware, have a flower in a ... July 14, 2015


Charming 7 Colors Changing Light Table Projection Alarm Clock Projector

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Charming 7 Colors Changing Light Table Projection Alarm Clock Projector