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FORE! - Kinetic balancing Swinging Pendulum Golf Sculpture

March 15, 2020

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New golfers should start slow

Tee up the ball and swing back to about 8 o'clock (your starting point with your hands is 6 o'clock). Swing through to about 4 o'clock. Once you start to consistently make solid contact, start to lengthen the swing little by little, eventually swinging ... July 11, 2015

Clare under-21s remain on course for four-in-a-row with epic win over Waterford

The pendulum swung in the hosts favour after the restart as they hit six of the first seven points of the half. Galvin equalised and his fellow wing-forward Duggan fired over three points to give the hosts the advantage with just four minutes on ... July 15, 2015

Wimbledon 2015 day seven round-up: Serena Williams eases past sister Venus as ...

Two-and-a-half hours on the Court One clock as this match goes into a fourth set. Anderson, after almost throwing away another service game, does eventually manage to hold off the advances of Wimbledon's answer to golf's 'Moving day' underway ... July 6, 2015

Red Sox Review with Chris Villani

All star break starting addition Chris Blondie with you until 7 o'clock Ghana. Hot Sunday evening here in the city of Boston Red That's where the Red Sox have teetered and they started to move the pendulum in a positive direction over the past few ... July 12, 2015

Media Circus: Has LeBron James been covered fairly during the playoffs?

LeBron James is the most overanalyzed athlete in America. Part of that, of course, is his own doing: His on-court greatness demands evaluation. Part of it is timing: Unlike Bill Russell, Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan, James plays in a digital age, ... June 12, 2015

LeBron James, a familiar foe, ousts Bulls again in Cavaliers' Game 6 win

CHICAGO—No matter how hard this city tries to smother LeBron James in Michael Jordan's shadow, the Cavaliers forward continues to emerge as a king in the darkness. The Cavaliers' 94–73 Game 6 victory over the Bulls on Thursday marked the latest ... May 16, 2015

Dean McDermott: Marriage to Tori Spelling is 'amazing, absolutely amazing'

I go to meetings every morning at nine o'clock and I have a great sponsor and I'm working the steps and I have a spiritual program; I have a meditation program; I have a prayer program. I'm really working every aspect of the [12-step] programs. FOX411 ... April 13, 2015

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New golfers should start slow

Tee up the ball and swing back to about 8 o'clock ... "pendulum." After a few practice sessions you can change to any club you want, even driver. gm-logo (Photo: PDN file) With a little practice you'll be able to see significant progress. Google "basic ... July 11, 2015

The Mystery And Power Of The Pendulum (2)

ONE of the unresolved mysteries of life is the “POWER OF THE PENDULUM”. The Pendulum Clock is a mechanism whereby through its swinging action, human time is calibrated and measured. The Pendulum clock is a common feature of the Architectural Landscape ... April 26, 2015

John Harrison's 'longitude' clock sets new record - 300 years on

Designed 300 years ago but completed only now, this chronometer officially became “the most accurate mechanical clock with a pendulum swinging in free ... 18th-century clock designer John Harrison, had claimed. Harrison, who was the subject of Dava ... April 18, 2015

The Mystery And Power Of The Pendulum

ONE of the unresolved mysteries of life is the “POWER OF THE PENDULUM”. The Pendulum Clock is a mechanism whereby through its swinging action, human time is calibrated and measured. It is interesting to note that for human time to be measured and ... April 11, 2015

Matt Williams: Balance needs to be restored to reward creative, positive rugby

On the wall in my grandfather’s house hung an ancient pendulum clock. It functioned because many intricate parts, some large and slow-moving, others tiny yet rapidly gyrating, acted in unison. The old clock remains greater than the sum of its parts. February 21, 2015

Restored historic clock is keeping time in Dingwall

But the most technical work in the project involved the complete restoration of the clock, including a new pendulum system to ensure it runs even in the event of a power failure and also automatically stops and starts the machinery to keep in line with ... July 20, 2014

Make some time for Killruddery’s water clock

Yet this odd assemblage, together with a long pendulum weighing 112lb, is arguably the most accurate water clock ever. The ingenious and complex device was conceived and built around 1903-1906 by the 13th Earl of Meath, at his family’s Killruddery estate ... July 9, 2014


Carmen Maki & Oz "Furiko No Nai Tokei (Clock Without Pendulum)"1976 Japan

John Dug 04.14.15

Carmen Maki & Oz "Tozasareta Machi" 1976 second album From ' Introduction ' Hirofumi's guitar and Masafumi's keyboard solos are so bluesy that we cannot help foreseeing the next explosion. Yep, exactly ' The Day Before Eruption '! Maki's dark but aggressive voices can encourage us against the eruption or collapse of the town where we are. In this album, each song should be a part of one story titled " An Entombed Town ". In each part Maki can show a different appearance, that can make us...


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