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5 Useful 3D Touch Features for iPhone

April 25, 2018

In this video, we've highlighted some of the most useful and lesser known 3D Touch gestures for your iPhone. Read more -

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2014 Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI UK first drive review

tech and a usefully comprehensive audio system. This latest model has received re-designed bumpers and lights and has a new three-dial instrument cluster (a chronometer, boost gauge and temperature gauge) which nod to the original Scirocco model.... October 9, 2014

Eurocrats with a touch of mad cow disease

When homeopathy was created, the make-up of infinity was unknown. We've had a For the same reason that four local councils in the North-East have spent £2,500 in the past year dialling the speaking clock. It is all a trick Her two cats are also ... September 1, 2011

Skoda Octavia 1.2 TSI

Can a tiny 1.2-litre engine work in this new, even bigger Skoda Octavia? We drive it to find out. Verdict. 5. This 1.2 TSI is the pick of the Octavias we've driven so far. The petrol engine makes more sense than the diesels unless you do mega miles ... February 5, 2013

Toyota Auris Hybrid

Our top-spec car's classy silver details and sophisticated white and blue instrument lights give the Auris cabin a premium feel it lacked before. And before you even set off, you can tell Toyota's engineers have tried to make this car feel sportier ... November 27, 2012

HBA London weaves Arabic heritage with Luxurious Artistry at the Waldorf ...

Behind the reception desks, framed wall panels recall the colours of the sea; covered in turquoise silk, they have been meticulously hand-stitched with gold sequins in a flowing wave pattern. Three tonnes of metal, steel and champagne gold were ... January 31, 2014


2014 Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI UK first drive review - Autocar

It seems that there’s now just enough rear-wheel steer to give the car’s nose a bit more keenness when pushing into bends. The electro-mechanical steering system also makes a decent fist of giving the driver an idea of what’s happening at the tyre’s contact patch and where the front wheels are placed on the road. The engine is sweet and smooth enough, but the power band is very narrow. Although the torque peak happens at just 1500rpm, the real power band is between 2000 and 4000rpm, after which the engine’s output tails off markedly, so short-shifting is the best way of making decent progress. Even though the engine was just 1000 miles old on our test car, this six-speed manual returned 48mpg and 44mpg respectively on two inter-urban commutes. The practical stuff includes a big, very deep, boot and 1000-litres of load space with the rear seats folded. The high-back front seats are also notably comfortable. The interior is restrained and nicely considered, especially the control placement on the centre console and the console storage. Downsides are probably limited to the chassis’ habit of following the undulating contours of the typical British road surface and some intrusive tyre drone: but that’s hardly unique to the Scirocco.

Skoda Octavia 1.2 TSI - AutoExpress

The petrol engine makes more sense than the diesels unless you do mega miles, while it works better than you might imagine in such a sizeable car. Much of the reason it makes so much sense is the value on offer – the phrase ‘lots of car for the cash’ was made for this model. The new Skoda Octavia is even bigger than before: 90mm longer and 45mm wider to be precise. Surprisingly well is the short answer, mainly because this is no ordinary 1. 2. Turbocharging means it produces 103bhp and 175Nm of torque, and it’s actually quicker than the 1. 6-litre diesel we featured in Issue 1,252 – 0-62mph takes 10. 3... It’s frugal, too, claiming an average 57. 7mpg and emissions of 114g/km (the diesel claims 74. 3mpg and 99g/km). The best bit is it feels really lively: throttle response is good and, while you’re not exactly going to be tearing away from the lights, there’s decent in-gear grunt. While the Skoda ’s still no sports car, this version feels more wieldy than the diesel. You’re going to have to cover a fair few miles to make that extra expense worthwhile – our back-of-an-envelope calculations show that even if you do 15,000 miles a year, the money you’ll save on fuel over three years won’t even go halfway to paying.

Toyota Auris Hybrid - AutoExpress

The new Auris is a significant step up in terms of efficiency, style and practicality over the car it replaces. It’s better to drive, too, but a clunky CVT gearbox means it still can’t hold a candle to a VW Golf or Ford Focus when it comes to driving fun. Toyota deserves praise for making a step in the right direction, but this car is still some way behind rivals. In its place is the brand’s new ‘keen look’ design language, which you’ll see on everything from the new RAV4 to the next-generation Verso compact MPV. The result is a more athletic look, with a lower Toyota badge and an upward-angled grille and headlamps that emphasise the car’s width. Yet while they look good, a lot of the surfaces still feel a bit hard and cheap to the touch. Our top-spec car’s classy silver details and sophisticated white and blue instrument lights give the Auris cabin a premium feel it lacked before. And before you even set off, you can tell Toyota’s engineers have tried to make this car feel sportier. Drive the Auris Hybrid through some corners and it feels instantly more impressive than the old car. The new model is definitely a big improvement on the old Auris, but it’s still no driver’s car.

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Infinity Instruments Accent Wall Clock, Black

Infinity Instruments Accent is an Infinity custom designed modern style clock. A perfect clock for sleek modern and / or contemporary home or office décor. This stylish clock is made of tempered glass with custom designed metal hands. December 10, 2013

Infinity Instruments Retro Iron Wall Clock, Aura

Infinity Instruments Retro Wall Clock collection has been a staple in the interior design/wall décor accessories for well over a decade. It has proven the test of time with a clean retro look that fits most, if not all, home décor layouts. There have ... December 10, 2013

What Time Is It? Time for Cat to Play In This Fun Wall Clock

This beautiful Infinity Instruments Metal Wall Clock is a must-have for any cat lover. Fun and quirky, yet elegant enough to match even sophisticated decor, this clock will keep you smiling as the silhouette cat chases the bright orange goldfish in its ... October 7, 2012


Infinity Instruments Gear - Open Dial Resin Clock Review

Estelleixq 03.08.15

Infinity Instruments Gear - Open Dial Resin Clock Review Infinity Instruments Gear - Open Dial Resin Clock Antique gold resin frameLarge easy to read Arabic numbers at every hour"Open dial clock featuring decorative gears that do not moveOperates on a highly accurate quartz movement1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty