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Big Digital LED Calendar Clock

March 10, 2020

This big clock has a bright red, easy to read LED display with the day and date! The video explains how to set the clock so that it displays the correct day, date ...

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Xi's history lessons

Officially the event will be all about the past, commemorating the end of the second world war in 1945 and remembering the 15m Chinese people who died in one of its bloodiest chapters: the Japanese invasion and occupation of China of 1937-45. It is ...

www.economist.com August 13, 2015

MLS likes new stadium plans here

The league, which currently has 20 teams, set a goal of 24 teams by 2020 and will reach that by 2018 with the addition of teams in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and a David Beckham-led team likely in Miami. In the next six months, the league will ...

www.stltoday.com May 19, 2015

Drone hovers outside Hawaii Kai woman's bedroom, but no crime was committed

"There were these green and red LED's that were coming from the whirring thing and I quickly realized it was a drone outside my bedroom," she says the drone hovered above the privacy curtain for a few seconds. When she walked toward it, it flew off....

www.nbc12.com August 12, 2015

CrimeStoppers looking for person of interest

Rochester, N.Y. - The Rochester Police Department is asking for the community's help in finding a person of interest involved in a stabbing on Kay Terrace July 20 that injured one person. One hurt in Kay Terrace stabbing. According to police, the ...

www.13wham.com August 4, 2015

'Pixels' is nerd's joy

"Let the nerds take over." This is an official order handed down by President Cooper (Kevin James) during an alien invasion where Earth is being attacked by extraterrestrial life in the form of 1980s arcade games. In "Pixels," directed by Chris ...

www.pressofatlanticcity.com July 24, 2015

?Wielding chainsaws to carve art from ice

It's an annual race to see who can carve the biggest, baddest, most beautiful ice sculptures all with the countdown clock ticking. "We like to say it makes our Winters go Chris Foltz paid a big price for that last year: "I had my metal earrings ...

www.cbsnews.com March 22, 2015

Make room, eagles: Walmart is coming

Eagles were taken off state and federal endangered species lists several years ago after conservation led to a dramatic rebound over the last half century. Biologists don't completely understand why, given the proximity of the Everglades and large ...

www.miamiherald.com March 21, 2015


Active Living Oversized Digital LED Dynamic Wall Clock Review

Piedadh24 01.16.15

Active Living Oversized Digital LED Dynamic Wall Clock Reviewhttp://tinyurl.com/lkgkedu Active Living Oversized Digital LED Dynamic Wall Clock Built in Battery so it Never Loses TimeEasy to Read16-inch X 7.5-inch