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Vintage Metal Wall Clock

March 12, 2020

European large Vintage metal clock in hollowed-out design without glass lens and no second style. A great iron work of art, more than a timepiece. Featuring ...

What is the best large antique metal wall hanging clocks?

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Several major, prominent local estates come up for bid Aug. 1 - Real Estate ...

and French-style furniture, painted furniture (decorators will have a field day with the selection), original and limited-edition artwork, a collection of books (25 lots, at 9-12 books per lot), very large chargers, metal wall shields and five rare ... July 25, 2015

Another bustling auction

Other sales in the antiques and collectors' section included: a fine selection of costume jewellery, £75; a French wash basin, £70; large illuminating American GCN letters, £60; a continental inlaid writing slope, £50; a German movement wall clock, £48 ... July 22, 2015

Home of the Week: A kinetic home of sculptures and global memories

Set on top is a vintage wooden mortar with an incised metal pestle. Two books nestle From this room, the McFarlands can walk out on their covered deck which, this time of year, is filled with potted plants and hanging flower baskets. Peering ... July 17, 2015

Decorating: American Country

The American Country style of decorating has gone through a big change since the 1980s, when it meant faded blues and pinks, ruffled trims and a clutter of "charming" accessories. The Caden Leather Bench is crafted of solid pine with thick legs ... July 2, 2015

Part 2: Finishing Boston's epic, underrated 7-game 1987 Eastern Semi vs. the Bucks

Pressey responded with a hanging jumper over Ainge to cut the margin to one. Mokeski continued to come up big with Following a loose ball scrum that Boston won, Ainge made a huge three-pointer from the left wing as the shot clock ran down. It was ... July 14, 2015

At the Galleries: Door County galleries and museums

art by Door County-based artists. Reception with artists Thomas Franke (clocks), Gail Franke (whimsical painting), Audrey Off (relief painting) and William Marvin (landscapes), demonstrations by Off and Marvin, 4 to 6 p.m. July 17. Nautical art ... July 15, 2015

Historicist: History in Objects

“No such exhibition has ever been attempted in any other country,” Howland proclaimed in the Globe, “and the novelty of it alone must attract large numbers of visitors, but its educational value both from scholarly and patriotic points of view must ... June 27, 2015

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Modern art was inspired by Africa

But the larger wood and metal African figures, masks and the Art Deco designs made at the same time are pricier. By the 1960s, the company was making large Western figures ... were plastic and made in two colors, antique ivory or walnut. July 15, 2015

Mountain Brook decorator fills her home with charming antiques, unique collections

It also allows for Thorpe's art collection to take center stage ... More examples of Thorpe's antique finds are displayed in the bedroom. A large canvas covering the wall is what Thorpe believes was a study for a tapestry. "I literally found that rolled ... July 13, 2015

For Joliet sculptor Charles Ringer, ‘my lifestyle is my art’

fronted by large, whimsical metal sculptures like “The Creature,” dubbed “The Snow God” by skiers and snowboarders on their way to Red Lodge Mountain. For Ringer himself, though, there is something more important than the pieces of art he has been ... July 10, 2015

E. Howard & Company No. 47 wall-hanging astronomical regulator soars to a record $356,950 at auction

Howard & Company No. 47 wall-hanging astronomical regulator ... burled panels and large teardrop finials, changed hands for $72,600.00. The clock featured an original 16-inch painted metal astronomical dial, good original hands, a quality brass 8-day ... December 5, 2014

An E. Howard & Company No. 47 wall-hanging astronomical regulator clock soars to a record $356,950 - Dec 05,2014 - PITTSFIELD, Mass. – An E. Howard & Company No. 47 wall-hanging astronomical ... burled panels and large teardrop finials, changed hands for $72,600.00. The clock featured an original 16-inch painted metal astronomical ... December 5, 2014

18 in. Pendant Iron Wall Clock and MDF back plate

Travel through time with this European style hanging wall clock designed with old world charm in mind. The design resembles a men's pocket watch. There's a loop on the top where one would imagine a pocket watch chain to be attached. The dial has a black ... December 10, 2013

Large Tambour Mantel Clock with Medium Oak Finish

Antique White Dial w/ Serpentine Hands ... Place a traditional twist to your home with this quality wood crafted mantel clock. Enjoy the quality elements of this selection. Simple yet elegant, this time telling selection makes all the difference when ... December 10, 2013


Antiqued Metal Wall Clock

Arvind Singh 03.16.15

View a huge selection of antiqued, French, railway and old town squares styles. In our wall and floor clocks collection you will find the styles to suit any taste or fit any home decor. These clocks comes with antiqued scroll work, high quality embellished work on frame, unique hands and with other accents. For old time charm double sided railway clocks are great for any house, store or building. Buy – Distinctive wall clock and floor clocks in cheap and best quality at online shopping...