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DIY Modern Industrial Wood + Metal Wall Clock

March 16, 2020

I made a super cool DIY Modern Industrial Wall Clock with a piece of scrap wood, some steel flat bar, and eye bolt and a few fun tools. Check out the step by step ...

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This contemporary cabin, across from a Marrowstone Island oyster farm, goes both ways; nautical one side, deep woods the other. It was guided to George Nelson's Gumball Coat Rack and Ball Clock, both in “rainbow,” hang on the wall. Says David ... August 7, 2015

The Soviet Military's Eerily Detailed Guide to San Diego

The City is a transit point for 2 railroads and 4 motor roads (including two transcontinental highways: T6 San Diego – Vancouver and T15 San Diego – Let-Bridge, the latter one is not shown on the map). San Diego is a major seaport and an international ... July 18, 2015

Saigon — or is it Ho Chi Minh City?

Still serving its original function, it is also a tourist site, showing off the period details of its original construction including murals and original woodwork, lofty arches and coves, all gazed upon by Uncle Ho, his photo mounted above all on the ... July 19, 2015

John Horton Conway: the world's most charismatic mathematician

He sat down at the side of the road on a stone wall in front of King's College, rummaged through his briefcase, found a pen, pulled out a piece of paper, and began, “Dear Professor Cassels, I wish to apply for …” He handed it to Conway and .. Over ... July 23, 2015

Colin and Justin: A post-and-beam fantasy

It was Discovery, in fact, who built our sunroom as part of Cabin Pressure Season 2 and to suggest they rose to the challenge of fashioning the perfect porch is a vast understatement. To be honest. they raced Keen to illustrate some particularly ... August 6, 2015

What Else Can Art Do?

When I visited Bradford's industrial-sized studio, in South Los Angeles, this spring, one wall was almost entirely covered by a huge outline map of the United States, with clusters of numbers that represented the AIDS cases reported in each state up to ... June 15, 2015

The Agency

On Dec. 13, two months after a handful of Ebola cases in the United States touched off a minor media panic, many of the same Twitter accounts used to spread the Columbian Chemicals hoax began to post about an outbreak of Ebola in Atlanta. At 9 o ... June 3, 2015

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Mad Fox Tap Room is FINALLY ready to open in Glover Park

Two years after the Mad Fox Brewing ... a rare serving tray and a Senate Beer-logo clock from the early 20th-century Washington brewery. A network of copper pipes snaking across the opposite wall are meant to invoke a brewery. Upstairs, what had been ... August 12, 2015

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Anyone who has been broad sided by this youth culture ... to something like the ‘Great Wall of China,’ and has contributed to the problems of modern youth, and represent a difference in their value system. Page 2 of 2 - They have no boundaries in ... August 11, 2015

DAHLKE COLUMN: Visit to cabin on Lake Superior provides ultimate relaxation

A large picture window faced the lake and a rock fireplace dominated one wall. The furnishings ... A book about Lake Superior geology and one about clocks and watches were scattered amongst bestsellers and a Readers Digest condensed book. August 11, 2015

The important estate collection from a NYC brownstone

Lalique objects, great Moser box, other Moser, choice antique wall ... modern, vintage and antique estate jewelry: Some highlights include, 4.06 ct. emerald and diamond platinum ring, a 4.0 ct. unheated Burmese (GIA) ruby and diamond platinum ring, two ... August 11, 2015


Clarence Double-Sided Garden Wall Bracket Clock 44cm (17") Review

Rosamariavxu 01.05.15

Clarence Double-Sided Garden Wall Bracket Clock 44cm (17") Review