modern wall clocks

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Just beyond the beer taps there’s a wall of snacks: packs of gum are arrayed under bags of pretzels, granola bars and just about any grab-and-go snack imaginable. Near the snacks are board games like Yahtzee and Settlers of Catan.

What is modern wall clocks?

Clock Full of Insects - Purdue Agricultural Communications

December 31, 1969
Today we know the clepsydra as water clocks and clepsammia as hourglasses. We named such devices clocks. The word clock is derived from ancient words that generally referred to bells. True to their name, early clocks often used bells to acoustically announce points in time. The mechanical mechanism of early clocks consisted of springs and wheels and some sort of oscillating, counter-balancing system. That is how those tall clocks we call grandfather clocks work. These clocks often employ a pendulum that swings from side to side in a one-second arc, producing the familiar tick-tock sound. Early clocks displayed the time on the face of the clock. In ancient times, 12 was the number of Biblical tribes of Israel and the number of animals on the Chinese calendar. A clock with 12 divisions not only represented a historical and somewhat magical number but also approximated.