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Neon Clocks by Neonetics

March 9, 2020

Neon Clocks from Neonetics. Available at Magellan Models. for details! Website: ...

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You'll have the favorite backyard in the neighborhood with this fabulous Island Tiki Bamboo Bar. This incredible set includes two stools and two torches for total entertainment fun. Features amazing tribal carved posts and handcrafted finish for an ... January 10, 2015

Monday dining news: Heaven on Seven closes, new McGee tiki bar

The new Heaven on Seven was a large, open space, served dinner every night and offered a full bar; a wall filled with hot sauces called attention to Bannos’ spicy food and his “Hot as a Mutha” tasting menus. When Emeril Lagasse, a friend of Bannos ... January 5, 2015

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We bought a house with an outdoor, covered tiki bar that is a couple decades old. It has a sink/frig cabinets/bar area. It's a wonderful space, but needs a little sprucing up. It feels a little like a damp, dark cave. We don't want to paint the natural ... May 3, 2014

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At Clearwater's Freaki Tiki, drink deals abound

After spending a few days in Key West, I figured it might be a good idea to wind down with a trip to a tropical-themed bar in Clearwater ... hand-painted signs ("It's 5 o'clock somewhere," "No drunk texting"). Where the Freaki Tiki really stands out ... January 6, 2011


Hand Painted Crab Beach Tiki Bar Wall Mount Decor 6" Red Review

Audryp0 11.15.14

Hand Painted Crab Beach Tiki Bar Wall Mount Decor 6" Red Review Hand Painted Crab Beach Tiki Bar Wall Mount Decor 6" Red overall dimensions approx 6 X 4 3/4 inches