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June 15, 2018

Pokemon alarm clock 'sPorpantoys.

What is the best pokemon radio alarm clocks?

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This adorable alarm clock reminds me of the Sony I used to love

Take this BSP60, a Bluetooth-connected alarm clock that supports voice commands (a little like an Amazon Echo, I suppose) and works as a speakerphone. There's something about the design that evokes the Good Ol' Days — the days when Sony could ...

www.theverge.com April 14, 2015

Alexa, tell me what it's like to use the Amazon Echo

I want an Alexa-powered alarm clock (pour one out for the Chumby), a waterproof Alexa Bluetooth speaker in the shower. I want to holler questions and demands from anywhere in my apartment and have devices cater to my whims. I want everything listening, ...

www.theverge.com July 8, 2015

The Best Alarm Clock App For Android

You can also tell Gentle Alarm to play your favourite internet radio stream at 7am, but only at half-volume, and to slowly fade in from there until you flip the phone over to snooze it for exactly 20 minutes, at which it will bump up the volume to full ...

www.lifehacker.com.au July 21, 2015

Ten things learned from one crazy Celtics summer

I didn't get the schedules of all the other teams, but from talking to other writers, the Celtics were certainly one of the busier squads each morning — shout-out to my alarm clock. 7. Jonathan Holmes is NBA ready. It was somewhat curious to see ...

www.bostonglobe.com July 22, 2015

Now anyone can make an Amazon Echo

For instance, designers could develop an alarm clock with Alexa built in, which will enable the device to respond to questions about the weather and appointments. Kiosk manufacturers might also want to build Alexa into ticketing machines to make it ...

www.theverge.com June 25, 2015

This 9V battery makes your smoke detector so much less annoying

The Roost battery has a Wi-Fi radio and a microphone. The microphone picks up the sound of your smoke dectector's alarm and transmits the alert to your phone via Wi-Fi. The Roost became available for pre-orders on Amazon Wednesday and will start ...

foxct.com June 24, 2015

The $99 UE Roll is a great Bluetooth speaker you can take in the shower

The app is also used to set alarms (the Roll has an internal clock, so it'll still wake you up if your phone battery dies) and pair the Roll with another UE speaker like the Boom or Megaboom. The Roll boasts 9-hour battery life — down slightly from ...

www.theverge.com June 16, 2015


The Best Alarm Clock App For Android - Lifehacker Australia

A perfectly serviceable alarm clock and timer comes with your Android phone, so you might not think to download another one. That may be true, but if you’re looking for more features, more customisation options, and more powerful alarms than your stock clock comes with, Gentle Alarm is here — and we think it’s the best. Features Set as many alarms as you want, at any time of day, in both 12 and 24 hour formats Create pre-alarm, alarm, and snooze “profiles” where you can customise the alarm sound, volume, fade-in volume, duration of the alarm, even display... ” Can be configured to play music, playlists, or even an internet radio stream as an alarm, so you can wake up to your favourite song or playlist, and can even be configured to only play songs by specific genres or artists Can be configured to...

Ten things learned from one crazy Celtics summer - Boston Globe

Now that we’ve had a few days to regroup from the Celtics’ long, winding summer league journey, let’s take a look back at what we learned amid the ping-ping-pinging of Las Vegas slot machines and whatever noise would be comparable to that in... After getting shoved around in two lopsided losses in Utah, they responded to win five of their final six games, the only setback coming on a buzzer-beater in the Las Vegas quarterfinals. Of course, summer leagues should never be measured in wins and losses. But when you actually win, teams tend to feel good about the wins and losses, and the Celtics started to win. The Celtics trailed by a point with a minute left in their first-round playoff game against the Blazers in Las Vegas. Then Rozier scored 8 points over the final minute — including two difficult jump-shots — to seal the win. Rozier shot just 35. 4 percent from the field in summer league play, but he showed flashes of dominance when the heat was turned up. 2. Marcus Smart has no chill. Basically, Marcus Smart doesn’t know how to not be Marcus Smart, and that ultimately led to the most terrifying moment of the summer for the Celtics. In the second quarter of the win over the Blazers, Smart dived at a loose ball just as he had done over and over in every other summer league game.

Now anyone can make an Amazon Echo - The Verge

Just two days after making the Echo wireless speaker available to the masses, the retail giant now wants hardware developers to incorporate Alexa , the Echo's cloud-based virtual assistant, into new, third-party devices. If developers jump on the opportunity, new hardware with Alexa baked in could potentially make Amazon's unique approach to voice ubiquitous in a way Siri and Cortana haven't yet managed. Developers will use the Amazon Voice Service (AVS) to build Alexa into new devices. The company is also releasing the Alexa Skills Kit , a collection of APIs and tools that will allow developers to create new features for the Echo and future Alexa-enabled devices. For instance, designers could develop an alarm clock with Alexa built in, which will enable the device to respond to questions about the weather and appointments. To pull all this off, Amazon started what it calls the Alexa Fund , which aims $100 million in investments at startups and designers looking to incorporate Alexa.

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Pandora adds alarm clock feature for iPad, new app for Pebble users

After introducing a new alarm clock feature for iPhone users back in December, streaming music service Pandora today updated its iPad app with the same functionality. The app already let users fall asleep to music using a Sleep Timer feature, and with ...

9to5mac.com April 13, 2014

Clock radio identified as source of Mahwah condo fire

Eight residents, including five adults and three children, were temporarily displaced by an early morning two-alarm fire on Monday ... An investigation revealed the fire was started by the clock radio that was plugged to an extension cord in the corner ...

www.northjersey.com March 13, 2014

Electric shock alarm clock for bed addicts

Sing N Shock does exactly what it says, while it can be used as a regular radio alarm clock, it is also ideal for those requiring something that is bound to arouse their consciousness with the use of an optional electrical shock pulse. If you are anything ...

www.product-reviews.net January 18, 2013


Pokemon Center Original Alarm Clock Forest Nap Pikachu Review

Catheyrpc 04.27.15

Pokemon Center Original Alarm Clock Forest Nap Pikachu Reviewhttp://tinyurl.com/mjkq3c8 Pokemon Center Original Alarm Clock Forest Nap Pikachu Made in Vietnam