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MaxiAids Releases Top 10 Accessible Holiday Gift Lists to Kick Off the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season

Reizen Star Soccer Ball with Bells - Yellow – Size 4 Accessible Soccer Ball 4. Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock with Extra Loud Vibrating ... Braille and regular decks available 1. Reizen Talking Atomic Watch with Top Light – Available with Leather ... November 1, 2014

Here is the nerdiest alarm clock I've ever seen

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MaxiAids 2015 Catalog

REIZEN ATOMIC TALKING CLOCK WITH INDOOR-OUTDOOR THERMOMETER • • • • • Sets itself Great Looking Clock! Pleasant female voice Easy to Use, See & Hear! Big display (5" x 1.7") Wireless remote sensor Clock, alarm, indoor and outdoor temperatures ... June 17, 2014


ATOMIC! Talking Wrist Watch w/Alarm,Speaks Time, Day,Date & Year Review

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ATOMIC! Talking Wrist Watch w/Alarm,Speaks Time, Day,Date & Year Review ATOMIC! Talking Wrist Watch w/Alarm,Speaks Time, Day,Date & Year


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