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What is the best retro circular circle design wall clock?

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Then it zipped through another cloud bank, moving so fast it punched a perfect circular hole through its center, dragging several long wisps of cloud vapor along with it as it tore out the other side. A second later, the He'd been teaching at this ... June 16, 2015

Apple unveils the new Apple Watch: Available in 2015, priced at $350

At the iPhone 6 event in California, Apple's “one last thing” was the reveal of the new iWatch — or rather, it's actually called the Apple Watch. This marks Apple's first major new product since the launch of the iPad in 2010. The Apple Watch is a ... September 9, 2014

Dog-lover offers matching contribution to boost dog park

Courtesy of: Thomaston Dog Park Association Thomaston resident Nancie Burton, shown with her dogs, Harley and Elliott, offers to match contributions to the Thomaston Dog Park up to $5,000. Thomaston — Fundraising efforts in support of construction of ... April 29, 2015

Jawbone UP Move: Australian Review

Fitness trackers are great, if you buy into that sort of 'quantified self' thing. Having easily understandable data on your daily activity helps you measure one day against the next, pat yourself on the back when you hit your goals and work out when ... November 24, 2014

Deal: LG G Watch in White or Black is $179 at Best Buy, $50 Off

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Fast and Incredibly Chic

For the main house, as well as a guest house and an art barn, the couple enlisted the Portland, Oregon, architect Brad Cloepfil, who would go on to gain notoriety for his redesign of Edward Durell Stone's iconic Lollipop Building at 2 Columbus Circle ... January 1, 2014

Older District residents feel ignored by businesses aimed at the young and the hip

exposed brick wall, large circular bar, giant flat-screen for sporting events. Parham had no complaints about the design. But the restaurant, which proposes to have karaoke music and DJs and to stay open until 2 a.m., would be directly under her ... November 17, 2013

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Children’s Books Inspire Room Decor

Bring in striped curtains, a starry night poster and a round ... vintage-style wall clock and a teacup lamp ( Find rugs, nightlights and wall decals from Eric Carle books The Very Hungry Caterpillar and more at Or ... August 16, 2015

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Parents take a page from children's books when decorating kids' bedrooms, play spaces

Add a big vintage-style wall clock and a teacup lamp ( ). Find rugs, nightlights and wall decals from Eric Carle books ("The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and more) at . Or design your own decorative elements. Create nursery ... August 4, 2015


DIY Nail Art - Retro Circle Nails Design Tutorial

Ludivina Shell 04.21.15

DIY Nail Art - Retro Circle Nails Design Tutorial