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Have we reached tipping point for Planet Earth?

Indeed it sometimes seems as though the louder the alarm clock, the more inclined we are, these days, to roll over and hit the snooze button. Still, just because we have collectively lost interest in the doom clock doesn't mean it has stopped ... June 24, 2015

Pittsburgh Pirates #1: The decline of the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Penguins had kicked off what was hopefully a deep 2015 Stanley Playoff campaign the previous night against the New York Rangers (SPOILER ALERT: it wasn't). And with the looming NFL Draft Steelers fans in recent years are actually ... June 25, 2015

A Disney Murder Mystery

He struggles to open his eyes. He rolls over to see his alarm clock. Dawson on the other hand, exhales loudly. “Uniforms found her last night . “We won't take up much of your time Princess,” Dawson says, pulling out a small notepad. “Ah-ah, that ... June 22, 2015

Logitech UE Roll Bluetooth Speaker Review

The buttons are mostly aesthetic anyway, but it would be awesome they were actually bigger and had a wider range for pressing down on them, that way you could sloppily adjust the volume, similar to a snooze button on an alarm clock. Battery life of ... June 22, 2015

From Bombay to New York

The SS Orsova that I boarded in Bombay on 27 July 1963 had earlier docked at other Asian ports, picking up passengers who, like me, were headed to the US on travel grants. The small but well-appointed cabins, the upholstered lounges, the drapes and ... June 19, 2015

First Person: A Minnesotan sailed for his life on Lake Superior

Books · Celebs · Comics & Games · Eat & Drink · Movies · Music · Stage & Arts · TV & Media · Best of MN · Health · Home & Garden · Kids' Health · Style · Taste · The Good Life · Travel; Variety Columnists The first drops of rain in early afternoon ... June 18, 2015

6 Tips to Worship More Consciously This Ramadan

One Tuesday, a couple of weeks ago, I was so busy at work: finishing off documents, printing, copying, filing, racing against the clock to get as much work done in the minutes and hours I had. Only on my way home, Set a bedtime alarm for yourself ... June 26, 2015

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Hands On With Amazon's Echo Speaker: Hey, This Thing Is Remarkably Smart

We're not talking Sonos-level quality here, but it sounds as good as most small-to ... futuristic alarm clock that plays podcasts and audiobooks and answers simple questions. The Echo may be a Bluetooth speaker at heart, but it's not battery powered ... June 26, 2015

Hot Summer Toys for 2015

The Action Cam (available in yellow or purple) packs a lot of features for its small size. It has a 1.41-inch color LCD ... Teach Me Time! is a talking alarm clock, time-teaching tool, and nightlight in one. It’s designed to help young kids understand ... June 23, 2015

Dixon PD: DUI With No License; Stolen Wallet, Phone Recovered; Fights; Kitten In Storm Drain

2210 Loud music at East ... of I-80 at Dixon Ave. 1439 Alarm in the 300 block of South 8th St. 1444 Citizens Assist at the PD. 1548 Security Check in the 100 block of Dorset Dr. 1559 Agency Assist for Dixon Fire for a small fire in a vehicle in the 1200 ... June 22, 2015

2 alarm clock models make the end of a dream a little more pleasant

It even has a battery backup, so you don't lose settings in a power failure. Overall, it's a nice alarm clock, one I wouldn't mind waking ... The best part is, the sound is very impressive from a device so small. In fact, I preferred it to the Sound ... June 21, 2015

Pebble Time

It comes with a silver, black, or gold finish, and promises longer battery life (up to ten days), but it costs ... The built-in music player that controls tunes on your smart device and the alarm clock function also work very well. The alarm's vibrations ... June 21, 2015

Cortana vs Siri: why Siri is still the best voice assistant

Now speak the request, such as "call Alex" or "set an alarm for 8 o'clock" and Cortana will respond accordingly ... "Siri" or "Cortana" out loud. You have to activate both systems by physically tapping the device. We're sure this functionality is coming ... June 21, 2015

Quick action by neighbors saves home

Steve and Grace Brixen were quietly eating dinner in the backyard of their south Sandpoint home Saturday evening when Grace began hearing a repetitive sound like an alarm clock coming from ... he broke a small section of stained glass in the door, reached ... June 19, 2015