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Alisten Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lamp, Alarm Clock

March 11, 2020

A great clear digital quality speaker that also offers a light, alarm clock and timer function. I loved it. #alisten #tomosonreview #freeforreviewpurposes ...

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The Best Gadgets for a Better Nights Sleep

First, there's a movement sensor that sits beneath your mattress and an LED lamp that promises to relax you at night and gently rouse you in the morning. The unit also The Intuitive Alarm Clock. Another two-piece system, the Sense by Hello is a ...

www.thedailybeast.com August 22, 2015

Talk to your house with these voice-activated smart-home systems

Until recently, controlling your smart home tech boiled down to apps and automation -- scheduling a smartened up lamp to turn on at sunset, for instance, or using your phone to turn it off after you've climbed into bed. But what if you could simply ...

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Amazon gives smart bulb devs the keys to Alexa's voice

Amazon's goal is to break Alexa free from her home in the Echo speaker and embed her in a wide variety of devices from third-parties, with the potential for voice-recognizing alarm clocks through to more unusual gadgets like refrigerators and even car ...

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Yantouch Starts Indiegogo Campaign of Eye1 Pair, an Audiophile Stereo Combines ...

Two advanced physical separated wireless speakers (True Wireless Stereo), with audiophile grade sound are better than most of the 1-box major speaker brands; Portable Smart Lighting Pair are unique and convenient over the major fixed Smart Lighting ...

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Five Tips to Help Manage Stress This Back-To-Busy Season

The Philips Wake-up Light uses a unique combination of light therapy and sound to wake you up in a gentle and natural way. By waking up to increased light and soothing sounds instead of an alarm clock, individuals may feel more ready for the day ahead ...

news.sys-con.com September 4, 2015

Wak? alarm uses targeted light and sound to leave your partner in peace

If you've ever been lambasted by a grumpy partner freshly roused by your buzzing alarm clock, then you may have found yourself pondering ways to spare them the early wake up call. One team of mechanical and electrical engineers has gone a step further ...

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The Homtime C1pro is a tech-filled gadget for your nightstand

The C1pro multi-functional, alarm-clock-looking gadget is the brainchild of a group of designers and manufacturers from Homtime who want to give the public a whole lot of tech in a small device. The gadget will (as It acts as a charger, too, so you ...

www.digitaltrends.com July 7, 2015


Unboxing IHome Docking Speaker & Alarm Clock For Iphone 6 Plus Ipod & Ipad

Giantutilized 07.04.15

Unboxing IHome Docking Speaker & Alarm Clock For Iphone 6 Plus Ipod & Ipad