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Equity 30240 Super Loud LED Digital Alarm

April 17, 2018

When SOUND is your "ISSUE", Equity's SUPER LOUD 90 decibel capacity LED Digital Alarm is a keen choice in Model 30240. Metallic silver/black cabinet delivers large red digital time display,...

What is the best super loud led alarm clocks?

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EVOLVE 38 review


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JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio


Too poor to shop for gadgets now, XD. Just recently, JBL had given me a set of their Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio to review. I was super stoked because JBL is well known for their kick ass monitor speakers. 8D And I fell even more in love after shopping for speakers with Ryan the other time hehehehe. The extremely nice mirror LCD display that would automatically adjust it's brightness to suit your room's lighting, surrounded by speakers that will fill your room with good stereo sound. It does get slightly distorted at top volume, but it is loud enough at it's minimal to be honest. And the sound produced is really clear, so do note that badly recorded audio tracks will also sound extremely clear on the speakers too, :x. The display also shows your day, and date, helps you keep track of your days when you get too busy. Pretty convenient for a bed-side clock. Here we have the 3 main function of this Radio Clock. You have the "FM" for you to set the radio station that you want, and then the "Bluetooth" logo, where you can connect your phone or laptop to the wireless speakers for parties and convenience. The last "Moon" button is a sleep function where you can set your timer, and let your music play until you fall asleep, and then it would turn off on its own. Because I would turn on music to sleep sometimes, but I will have to get up and turn it off right before I think I will fall asleep.

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Super Loud Alarm Portable Clock Review

Michikowu 11.06.14

Super Loud Alarm Portable Clock Review Super Loud Alarm Portable Clock LCD displays time and alarm timeBig and easy button settingSuper loud alarm with Hi/Lo Alarm switch,Use 4 x AA batteries ( Not included)Size: 12cm(W) x 4.7cm(H) x 6cm (Depth)

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