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Reizen Talking Atomic Travel Alarm Clock

April 16, 2018

Two years ago this August, I put up a video of the Reizen talking atomic clock. Well, they recently made a travel variant. This is going to be a look at that clock.

What is the best talking travel alarm clocks?

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This is the only morning of the year that I have fleeting thoughts of moving to Arizona. Here in Oysterville that Daylight Savings alarm clock rings well before the chickens are stirring and, as usual on this transition day, I wake up grumpy. I don’t really give a rip if it’s light later. it’s in the morning that I feel energized and eager to face the day. I always have passing thoughts about how it was before we had transcontinental train travel. In those days, or so I’m told, each settlement across the country was on its own timetable. Never mind that in the next village east or west, noon came a little earlier or a little later. The chickens didn’t get fed until first light anyway. What the clock says doesn’t matter much. That goes a long way in explaining why no one much cared in this house, for instance, that every clock (and there was one or more in every room. I’m talking here about the days before electricity and atomic clocks – when synchronizing watches was necessary on a daily basis. And, while we are at it, I’m talking pocket watches not wristwatches. Even as late as my mother’s girlhood here in Oysterville, it was the morning school bell that signaled everyone in town, “ten minutes until classes begin. ” In 1908 when my Aunt Medora was nine years old, she wrote to her mother who was in Portland about to welcome brother Edwin into the world:.

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Video "it's not luck" talking alarm clocks ad

totaljobs 09.08.10

It's not luck, it's alarm clocks are talking. One tells the other about how great it is to be a truck driver.

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