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June 16, 2018

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'We do advertising for the love of it': Alok Nanda

We turned the clock back a few more years. Nanda started with Trikaya in India, when it was still called that. . With the arrival of affiliate Filter, a 'design lab' launched in 2012, that too has changed. Filter is present in the form of a store in ... February 8, 2015

'It's not the economy, stupid': entrepreneurs Dick Smith and Graham Turner ...

As Mr Smith and Mr Turner called for a more “balanced” economic and population growth, the Australian Bureau of Statistics's population clock estimated the nation had 23,563,177 people. This was based on: one birth every 1 minute and 42 seconds; one ... August 13, 2014

Iraqis feel Iran's growing clout in their wallets

In the lobby of Karbala's Noor al-Zahra Hotel, across from the gold-domed Imam Hussein shrine, two clocks hang on the wall: One set to local Iraqi time, the other to the time in Tehran. But owner Samoel Muhsin Abid-Ali says he tries to avoid renting ... June 16, 2010


'We do advertising for the love of it': Alok Nanda - Campaign Middle East

India-based design and branding specialist is eyeing Dubai – besides selling a watch brand it created, marketing its own brand of chocolates, and winning awards for branded art installations. One of the reasons Alok Nanda decided to set up shop on his own was that he had always wanted to do things beyond advertising, he recalls. He is now on a trip to Dubai to meet potential partners and clients, in what looks like another era in Alok Nanda and Company’s (ANC) journey. We turned the clock back a few more years. By the time it became Trikaya Grey, he was on the Grey Asia-Pacific creative board. About the time the agency became Grey Worldwide, he decided to set up ANC. Even within Trikaya Grey, he made an attempt to partner with British design company CDT and bring them into India. He cites the failure of that attempt to ‘the cultural mismatch between an Indian advertising agency and a high-end design company from the UK’. Setting it up as a small design cell outside the agency didn’t work. “We’re now India’s only lifestyle and luxury communications company, besides corporate branding and communications. We approach them through design or branding services or something else, but that’s the market in which we operate,” explains Nanda.

'It's not the economy, stupid': entrepreneurs Dick Smith and Graham Turner ... - BRW

The leading businessmen have become campaigners for a small population and criticise economists for promoting economic growth at all costs and politicians for lacking the courage to talk about constituents’ worries about the growing population. Former treasurer Peter Costello’s baby exhortation to “have one for mum, one for dad and one for the country” was “outrageous”, and government payments such as the baby bonus and paid parental leave discouraged people from taking their own... Mr Smith said Australia’s immigration policy was like a “Ponzi scheme” to support our ageing population. published on Tuesday, projected the nation’s population 20 and 50 years from 2013. More retirees than school children It projected the population in 2033 at 31 million under the current growth rate and 25 million on zero immigration. In 2063, 42 million on the current growth rate and 24 million on zero immigration. Currently about a fifth of the population is school-aged and 14 per cent are at retirement age. However, with current population trends, there will be more retirees than school children within 20 years.

Iraqis feel Iran's growing clout in their wallets - BusinessWeek

Iranian rials change hands as easily as Iraqi dinars in this holy city's old bazaar, its alleyways teeming with Iranian pilgrims bused in on package tours run by Tehran. but those who want lower prices like the Iranian products. Trade with longtime rival Iran is bringing Iraq investments it sorely needs. But the growing ties also frame a political imbalance the U. S. is loath to see in a country struggling to rebuild after years of war. As America's influence wanes in Iraq, and its troops withdraw, Iran is capitalizing on centuries-old religious and cultural ties to secure greater leverage in the country -- even as Washington works to dissuade others from dealing with Tehran over... It's a political and economic tug-of-war the U. S. risks losing, if only because Iraq's reconstruction needs open the door for a marriage of convenience. Iran, squeezed elsewhere by sanctions, finds in Iraq a rare and ready market at a time when lingering security fears continue to discourage Western investments in the country. "Iran would like to have a stronger presence in Iraq. "Iran doesn't want to lose its footing again in Iraq.

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Trend Lab Surf's Up 3-Piece Crib Bedding Set

Surf's Up dude! Printed and embroidered surf boards on waves with lizards, leaves, and palm trees take your nursery on a trip to the tropics. Terry cloth, denim, and mini-waffle pique fabrics are combined to create this perfect beach theme. September 7, 2010


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