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March 13, 2020

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Memories are made of this

Look around your origins - places, neighbours, household utensils - and you will see the unique local identity. To me, Thai art is perfect for Other elements are done in indigo and adorn white ceramic coffee mugs, plates, vases and wall clocks," he ...

www.nationmultimedia.com August 8, 2015

The Grow-Light Blues

The old Carl would have smiled and thanked him, but his thanking utensil, connected inexorably to his face, was broken. He had the paralyzed . The paint on the cubicle wall behind Carl's head, which collected the light when he wasn't sitting there ...

www.newyorker.com June 15, 2015

Life Lines

Johnson has no idea that she received a fine-arts degree from the University of Michigan, and cannot describe a single art work that she has made, though she recognizes her style when she encounters an old piece. Such debilities can . A decade ago ...

www.newyorker.com March 23, 2015

'Wet' Origami Artist Turns Damp Paper Into Gorgeous Sculptures

Hoang Tien Quyet has been folding paper since he was a little kid. The 27-year-old origami artist from Vietnam uses a lesser-known technique called wet folding to create sculptural animals, mythical creatures and flowers. Pioneered by the late origami ...

www.huffingtonpost.com May 18, 2015

Soak up the Ethiopian flavors at Ayda restaurant in Loma Linda

Ayda Ethiopian Restaurant serves its food on platters covered with injera bread. (Photo by Dorene Cohen). By David Cohen. Posted: 03/25/15, 11:25 AM PDT | Updated: on 03/25/2015. # Comments. Coffee beans are roasted by hand at Ayda Ethiopian ...

www.dailybulletin.com March 25, 2015

9 Household Items To Start Reusing This Earth Day (And Never Stop!)

Want to try an eye-opening experiment? Today, keep track of how many times you place a piece of food or product packaging in the trash. If your trash habits are anything like the average person, you'll notice quite a few trips in just one day. But what ...

www.huffingtonpost.com April 21, 2015

From climate to fry bread, 125 reasons to love Arizona

Predictable politics: Close races in which opposing parties nearly split seats can lead to ineffectiveness (case in point: the federal government). That doesn't happen here, . We like our sunrises and sunsets right where they are on the clock, so ...

www.azcentral.com May 15, 2015

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L.L. Bean preps for new season of big sales for iconic boots

Just in case anyone missed the memo ... “I have a pair and I’ve worn them during New York Fashion Week,” said Christina Binkley, The Wall Street Journal’s fashion columnist. “I got a lot of compliments on them.” The boots, with leather uppers ...

www.pressherald.com August 16, 2015

The Starck reality of travel

His Kartell Louis Ghost chair and Tic Tac wall clock, his subversive Flos Gun Lamp, his kitchen utensils for Alessi ... (nanotechnology protects the inside and out of the bags and cases from dirt and bacteria); the strategic location of wheels, pockets ...

www.philstar.com August 15, 2015

Gertrude’s Scottsdale Mmasters the ingredient-driven menu

In the case of Gertrude's Restaurant in Phoenix ... and a private room houses the coveted Chef’s Table. There, a glass wall can be fully retracted to allow an interactive experience with the Chef or closed for an intimate dining experience.

www.examiner.com August 14, 2015

Latest Readings’ and ‘Sentenced to Life’, by Clive James

We all live with the knowledge of mortality, with the sound of the clock ticking. But for five years now the clock ... And so he goes enjoyably on. The style of these pieces is pared-down and reflective. Fragments of autobiography are scattered through ...

www.ft.com August 14, 2015

Back to the Future: a personal view of the state of cinema-going in Northern Ireland

A similar story in many of our various modern cinemas – Omniplex being among the exceptions – where movies are joylessly thrown onto the wall of a box-like room with ... in a theatre-style room, shown at a distance from your seat so you can see the ...

sluggerotoole.com August 13, 2015

10 high-tech grooming gadgets you need right now

Even its charging methods are impressively different: either place it in a glass you plug into the wall (along with your toothpaste) at home or into a travel case you can charge ... while they're great on a five o'clock shadow they usually come a cropper ...

www.gq-magazine.co.uk August 13, 2015

Pekara Bakery's Croissants and Croi-Nuts: French-Inspired Farmers' Market Pastries

We'll sample the best the city has to offer at restaurants, bakeries and holes-in-the-wall, and provide some insight ... Pekara specializes in an old-world European baking style, with twenty bakers working around the clock to hand-make everything from ...

blogs.riverfronttimes.com August 13, 2015


Group 5 Marketing LLC Concept Housewares Stainless Steel Wall Utensil Rack Review

Kiadns 01.01.15

Group 5 Marketing LLC Concept Housewares Stainless Steel Wall Utensil Rack Reviewhttp://tinyurl.com/l8w9ayl Group 5 Marketing LLC Concept Housewares Stainless Steel Wall Utensil Rack Includes 4 cast aluminum pan hooksIncludes all mounting hardwareDurable easy to installStainless SteelMatte finish