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8 fun indoor things to do without worrying about wild weather

These rules are relatively straightforward (especially when compared with Japanese rules) and players need only 14 tiles to win, not 17 as in the Taiwanese version. But these rules - like the game itself - continue to The website Vintage Mahjong ... August 12, 2015

The Mike Toole Show - Ai Am Legend

There's a lanky punk rocker, a bubbly pink-haired lolita, and a disarming drag queen, but none of them are more striking than the leader of the pack, Jouji Koizumi, a confident dandy who drives around in a vintage Jaguar and calls himself “George.” It ... August 23, 2015

Here's What a New Dad Thinks of the Apple Watch

Apple Watch's default apps were the device's only exciting features, and that's mostly because I was using Siri to program 'round-the-clock medication reminders (with silent, wrist-shaking alarms to avoid stirring my wife in the wee hours of the ... July 31, 2015

Can the guy who hit it with an Android alarm dock do it again with stereo ...

One night, just for fun, Joe Born and his daughter, Lily, decided to go through old boxes and set up his stereo from decades ago. Then came what he calls the “pivotal moment.” After plugging in the receiver and connecting it to his vintage wooden ... April 23, 2015

Screams Have Special Place in Brain

This is a vintage American horror scene. . David Poeppel and his team found that car alarms, sirens, and alarm clocks also have this quality, this "roughness.” They asked the volunteers to listen to different types of screams and alarms in an ... August 4, 2015

A 'Global Prosecco Shortage' Isn't Happening, Italian Wine Producer Says

But in a phone call with The on Friday, Domenico Zonin, the CEO of Zonin, Italy's largest privately owned wine company, said that there's no cause for alarm. Though But Zonin noted that the 2015 vintage will be released shortly ... May 22, 2015

Hands-on with Google Photos: Brand new app is impressive, but the service is ...

One of the more popular announcements of yesterday's Google I/O keynote was the immediate launch of Google Photos. This online photo service, which the company severed from its Google+ social network, was rolled out as a brand new photo app for ... May 29, 2015

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Top 10 Bizarre Alarm Clocks From Japan That Could Wake Godzilla

The Dumbbell Alarm Clock is... an alarm clock in the shape of a dumbbell. That was easy – waking up to it, not so much. You see, like many Japanese alarm clocks, this one doesn't merely ring to wake you up, it gets you working while your semi-dozing ... June 4, 2014

iHome ships new, budget-friendly mini Bluetooth speakers

We saw iHome's new portable Bluetooth speakers last month at CES, and both models, the iDM8 and iDM11, looked pretty nice. They're shipping now and available for $59.99 and $69.99, respectively. The spherical iDM8, which comes in black as well (for some ... February 9, 2012

Time change alert: There's a glitch in the iPhone alarm clock

iPhone users beware: There's a glitch in the alarm clock app that will keep iPhone alarm clocks from recognizing this week's time change in most U.S. states this weekend. What does that mean? Actually, we're not sure. You see, a post on CNN's Tech ... November 4, 2010

Space Invaders alarm clock

This was kicking about in Japan a couple of years back and now the Space Invaders alarm clock has landed in the UK. Offically licensed by Taito, the Space Invaders alarm clock tells you the time via its 70s-style digital face, but really comes to life when ... November 10, 2008

Muji Round Face alarm clock

Loving the classic looks of this Muji Round Face alarm clock. Those retro looks are based on a Japanese classic - the traditional street clocks you'll see out and about in Japan's town and cities. It has a steel frame with glossy black finish and is sized ... September 1, 2008