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Moshi Voice Command Talking Alarm Clock Review:

March 10, 2020

The Moshi uses a microphone and voice recognition software to operate in a Apple Siri-esk fashion. The modern alarm clock features an ultra-wide LCD display, ...

What is the best voice controlled alarm clocks?

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11 innovations Apple 'copied' (but not from the companies you'd expect)

Early users were concerned about their appearance, the screen was too small and the control system was pretty cold and unfriendly. The Apple connection: Apple launched its videotelephony system, Wildfire Communications launched the first telephone ...

www.macworld.co.uk August 6, 2015

On cell phones and parenting

I have been lucky this summer to spend more time with more friends and family. It has been both the best of times, and unfortunately, also the worst of times, tolerable only because of the bonds shared by family and friends. Through it all, I have been ...

www.letsplayhockey.com August 6, 2015

Pink Floyd's 10 Greatest Songs of All Time

Richard Wright's keyboard compositions, sometimes space and sometimes tight, are essential to many of Pink Floyd's efforts, as is Dave Gilmour's weeping guitar solos and Roger Waters's heartfelt lyricism and distinct voice alternating between whisper ...

www.cheatsheet.com August 5, 2015

Everything You Can Ask Cortana to Do in Windows 10

There are two ways to use Cortana: you can use voice commands, or you can type out your commands in the Start Menu. If you choose the former, you may want to enable the “Hey Cortana” feature. With this on, you can say “Hey Cortana” out loud to trigger ...

lifehacker.com August 3, 2015

No assembler required

A more practical child, meanwhile, programmed a Hackaball to be an alarm clock, vibrating and making noise at a preset time. “Sound” subroutines give it voice. “Control” subroutines govern things such as recursion, causing it to repeat an action ...

www.economist.com July 30, 2015

The Best Alarm Clock App For Android

For many people will get the job done just fine, and its integration with Google Search on your device means that setting alarms and timers is as easy as a voice command or a couple of taps. You can set up multiple alarms, set some active and disable ...

www.lifehacker.com.au July 21, 2015

Alexa, tell me what it's like to use the Amazon Echo

I want an Alexa-powered alarm clock (pour one out for the Chumby), a waterproof Alexa Bluetooth speaker in the shower. I want to holler questions and demands from anywhere in my apartment and have devices In my home, where I share space with a ...

www.theverge.com July 8, 2015

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Ford Focus 1.6 ZETEC Voice Control Bluetooth USB Heated Screen A/Con

Bluetooth connection with voice control and USB port Digital clock Door ajar warning Easy fuel capless refuelling ... Locking wheel nuts Remote central double locking Thatcham Cat.1 alarm

www.4ni.co.uk August 4, 2015

Amazon Echo review: Betcha can’t buy just one of these voice-activated connected-home controllers

You can use either to control the timer, the alarm clock, and your to-do and shopping lists (you can add items to these lists with your voice, but you must use a browser or the app to remove them). I checked out the Android and iOS versions of the Echo app ...

www.techhive.com July 31, 2015

Gallery View: GSM alarm systems app-, smart home-compatible

Most of the latest models can be managed remotely via smartphone apps and many can control home ... address records. Two alarm station centers and four groups of phone numbers are used and stored by the device. The model delivers voice prompts.

www.globalsources.com July 30, 2015

This alarm clock automatically plays your favorite tunes to wake you up

Yes, it does look a lot like a simple alarm clock, but the Homtime C1pro is making strides ... Related: Luzi Smart Lamp is voice-activated and moonlights as a charger and organizer Users can adjust the brightness on the screen to set the mood for ...

www.digitaltrends.com July 7, 2015

Vlingo for Android gives users full voice control over their Android phone [GIVEAWAY]

Vlingo for Android brings us a little closer to that goal by providing full voice controls for the Android system for 2.0+ users. Though the newer Android versions offer stock voice search and text input, Vlingo takes it one step further by allowing users ...

androidandme.com June 15, 2015

Amazon Echo Now Includes Voice Commands For Google Calendar Functions

Amazon's voice-controlled, web-connected life manager thing ... my calendar today at one PM" will tell you what's in that slot. To get started, open the Amazon Echo app on your phone and add Google Calendar to the list of applied services.

www.androidpolice.com May 29, 2015

Teen entrepreneur Kickstarts first aromatic alarm clock

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee, literally. At least, that's what Guillaume Rolland, an 18-year-old French entrepreneur, intends with SensorWake, a new innovation in alarm clock technology. Launched on Kickstarter on Wednesday, SensorWake is a ...

www.cnbc.com May 26, 2015


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