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Bedwyr Williams; Cornelia Parker review – imagine you’re a pebble…

a clock, a colander, a badminton racket… and on and on. Beyond this was a water tank, jagged grey forms floating on its surface like granite lily pads. And then there was a film, narrated (I assume) by Williams. A mosaic dentist from the wall of an ...

www.theguardian.com August 16, 2015

In Durham, two different approaches to photography

A caterpillar hunter beetle is set in a background that would make Dali proud; and a black widow spider is splayed over Leonardo ... the papers have legible writing and the wall clock is just about to strike three. The computer screen on the desk has ...

www.heraldsun.com August 15, 2015

From sit-ins to love-ins, Austin Clarke recalls life in 1960s Toronto

Each wall ... black-topped, square tables opposite, arranged in booths in which you could have a private conversation of seduction, pass all these customers, mainly the respectably employed, and walk past the owner at the cash register, holding his fat ...

www.thestar.com August 15, 2015

Ruth Scurr on Virginia Woolf

We hope you enjoy this article from The Times Literary Supplement, free to subscribers of The Wall Street Journal ... She experiences a sensation of falling: … into a deep pool of sticky water, which eventually closed over her head.

www.wsj.com August 14, 2015

Crack, a Tiffany Drug at Woolworth Prices: SPIN’s 1986 Feature

In the late fall of 1985, one of my editors, Rudy Langlais, came to me and said he had a remarkable young writer, Barry Michael Cooper, who was black and living in Harlem ... the Harlem detective is small and wiry, with a deep tan and salt-and-pepper ...

www.spin.com August 12, 2015

Destination decor

Alternatively, feature an iconic landmark, with an Eiffel Tower giant wall sticker, £19.99, Becky & Lolo. Clock-watch, until your next trip ... to the design of the company's Black Lacquer Circular Bookcase, £1,895, which could also be used as a room ...

guernseypress.com August 13, 2015

Hoof Radiographs: More Than Meets the Eye

“An X ray might be black and white, but interpreting those X rays and deciphering ... Bone loss or changes along the flexor surface of the navicular bone (the underside, around which the deep digital flexor tendon, or DDFT, runs to meet the coffin ...

www.thehorse.com August 12, 2015


Smarthome - Aquavista Wall Fish Clock, Black

Promethiumteenagers 07.25.15

Smarthome - Aquavista Wall Fish Clock, Black