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A good time to jog memories

I cleared my schedule of other early-evening activities this week with a specific purpose in mind, and that purpose was to place a telephone call my mother, who lives in North Carolina. Our visits tend to test the battery life of wireless handsets ...

www.brownwoodtx.com June 19, 2015

Clocks' many duties stand the test of time

“We have digital grandfather clocks that use media cards and have digital sounds from music boxes,” such as a recording of the sound of the bells at Westminster Abbey, Childs said. “It's phenomenal. “We have found that there is increased interest in ...

www.kansas.com March 6, 2015

Massive gift keeps nation's last clock school ticking

A four-car garage, two rooms inside the Klein home and a shed held treasures, plus boxes of clock hands, chimes, pendulums and other clock innards. Kopperud planned to hire a truck company to bring the gift, but soon got a shock — it would cost about ...

www.eastoregonian.com February 27, 2015

Dust off your antiques for Go-Art!'s first-ever Appraisal Fair

Upson has a mantle clock with Westminster chimes and Wyrwa may also bring in a pocketwatch, piece of vintage jewelry or her mother's shadow box with intricate carving on it. “I'm just curious what they're worth,” she said. Goergen has her item ready to ...

www.thedailynewsonline.com March 26, 2015

Downtown businesses reel from quake

The Sam Kee Laundry building, which currently houses The Vintner's Collective, shows damage from the 6.0 earthquake that struck Napa at 3:20 a.m. Sunday. 2014-08-24T20:45:00Z 2014-08-24T21:18:30Z JENNIFER ...

napavalleyregister.com August 24, 2014

The grandfather clock

In rotation? His interpretation of these cryptic orders produced a tune not at all like the chimes of Westminster, and it took common sense and instinct to guide him to the opening cadence: C, B-flat, A-flat, E-flat, through to the slightly dissonant ...

thecitizen.com October 7, 2014

The time lords

he explains, and he enjoys the craftsmanship that you can only find in antique clocks. The shop itself contains hundreds of clocks — wood ones, metal ones, car and cat-shaped ones, all ticking away, filling the crowded Edmonton shop with bings ...

www.stalbertgazette.com August 23, 2014

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Special Clocks Suppliers

Lean manufacturing capable manufacturer & distributor of standard & custom special clocks including wall, desk & mantle clocks ... Special clocks are available with westminster chime & seasonal bell music. Clock dials & hands are available in various ...

www.thomasnet.com June 8, 2015

Clocks’ many duties stand the test of time

Time never stands still at the Old Time Clock Shop in Wichita. In fact, as you step into the warm confines of the small shop at 1946 W. 13th St. – the only clock store in Wichita – you can hear time move. It whirs, strikes, tick-tocks and chimes all ...

www.kansas.com March 6, 2015

Clock school at the prison in Pendleton is still ticking

PENDLETON ... over eight nautical clocks made from brass and nickel. “You would find these on the bridge of a ship,” he said. Among the dozens of clocks placed around the room were vintage cuckoo clocks, a Westminster mantel clock from 1900 and ...

www.bendbulletin.com March 2, 2015

Clock school at Oregon prison still ticking

Besides the clocks, there were over 60 years of accumulation by the aerospace engineer-turned-clockmaker. A four-car garage, two rooms inside the Klein home and a shed held treasures, plus boxes of clock hands, chimes, pendulums and other clock innards.

heraldnet.com March 1, 2015

Sophie Mantel Clock w Triple Chime Movement a

Dress up your mantel or accent table with this decorative clock. Carved leaf details with ... behind a convex glass crystal. Quartz, triple chime Harmonic movement plays your choice of Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim Bam chimes, with volume control and ...

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

Murray Mantel Clock w Bun Feet and Triple Chi

Details like rosettes and bun feet are prominent. Classic, black spade hands. Plays Ave Maria, Westminster or Bim Bam chimes. This mantel clock's decorative details include applied rosettes and bunn feet. The aged dial offers black Arabic numerals with ...

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

Like clock? Work

Growing up, our farm kitchen had one clock, a round-faced, practical sort in a tan plastic case, hung on the soffit above the sink. We also had a mahogany-colored mantel clock ... was a grandfather clock with Westminster chimes. A pretty tone, but on ...

bismarcktribune.com September 10, 2013


Westminster Melody - Chimes Mantel Clock - Relógio Carrilhão de Mesa (Marca Silco)

Bodhi Kohen 05.05.15

Westminster Melody - Chimes Mantel Clock - Relógio Carrilhão de Mesa (Marca Silco)