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Infinity Instruments Metal Antique Style Mantle Alarm Clock Botique Red 10415RD

March 9, 2020

Infinity Instruments Boutique Red Mantle Alarm Clock has been a principal item for the Infinity line or products for over fifteen years. This old-fashioned clock has ...

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Infinity Instruments Retro Iron Wall Clock, Aura

Infinity Instruments Retro Wall Clock collection has been a staple in the interior design/wall décor accessories for well over a decade. It has proven the test of time with a clean retro look that fits most, if not all, home décor layouts. There have ... July 10, 2015

Wireless Designer Doorbell Clock, Orange

Infinity Instruments Doorbell Clock is a one of a kind wall and/or tabletop clock that also doubles as a doorbell. Has a wireless remote and 20 different tones to choose from. The uses of this clock is limitless. With a modern design this stylish clock ... December 10, 2013

Dallas Life: Repairman is cuckoo for cuckoo clocks

Imagine answering the doorbell to ... even adjust grandfather clocks,” Marchesoni says. Marchesoni’s family clock business is approaching 40 years in the Dallas area. His father, engineer Valentino Marchesoni, left Texas Instruments to start his ... June 23, 2012

Telling Time: The Big Hands Are on the Wall

The clock comes with a template for creating a circle; the one shown is 39 inches in diameter; $89 at the Conran Shop, 407 East 59th Street, (866) 755-9079. 2. A plug-in digital wall clock ... Glass Sunburst by Infinity Instruments is made in Italy. October 27, 2004


Infinity Instruments Gear - Open Dial Resin Clock Review

Estelleixq 03.08.15

Infinity Instruments Gear - Open Dial Resin Clock Review Infinity Instruments Gear - Open Dial Resin Clock Antique gold resin frameLarge easy to read Arabic numbers at every hour"Open dial clock featuring decorative gears that do not moveOperates on a highly accurate quartz movement1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty