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Product Review: Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

March 12, 2020

Sonic Bomb is an alarm clock designed for deaf people. With the aid of a bed shaker it gives you a jolt in the morning to get you out and on your feet. Coupled ...

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How I Finally Trained Myself To Wake Up Early

Sonic Alert makes serious products for the hard of hearing and hard to wake. When I explained my myriad waking issues to the representative from Sonic Alert, he said I should try the Sonic Bomb Super Shaker Alarm Clock ($52.95). Here's how it works ... December 17, 2014

Sonic Alert Doesn't Want You To Sleep Through Class, Sends Free Alarm Clock

Justin writes that he is a college student and a heavy sleeper. Ordinarily, these are not a good combination, but he has a special weapon in the war on slumber: the Sonic Bomb alarm clock from Sonic Alert. The product is designed for the hard-of ... August 26, 2010

Sonic Alert 'Traveler' Alarm Clock - A Great Mother's Day Gift for Moms on the Go!

Compact and stylish, the Sonic Traveler alarm clock has a number of other very useful features including Sonic Alert's unique bed vibration that provides a tactile sense ensuring you wake up even while others continue sleeping (with volume turned down).... May 7, 2015

Show Mom The Love This Mother's Day With The Sonic Alert 'Sweetheart' Alarm ...

Show Mom The Love This Mother's Day With The Sonic Alert 'Sweetheart' Alarm Clock. Sonic Alert's latest version of this colorful and versatile extra-loud vibrating alarm clock - guaranteed to wake even the deepest sleepers - is a cheerful way to show ... May 2, 2015

New Version Three Sonic Bomb SBB500ss from Sonic Alert Provides Dual ...

The Version Three SBB500ss Sonic Bomb offers numerous new features including a Dual Alarm and a five-level dimmer for the display. The dual alarm is perfect for multiple sleepers with different schedules, and both can be set to use the clock's 113 ... March 21, 2014

ADDitude Contest: Win a Sonic Bomb!

Morning is a notoriously tough time of day for ADHD children who struggle with the transition from sleep to hurry-up-and-get-ready-for-school. To smooth the bumps, set your child's alarm clock for 30 minutes early, give him his morning dose of ... July 31, 2014

Ravenshoe cafe explosion video shows diners run for their lives after ute crash

'We just heard a massive sonic boom and went running out and saw the cafe on fire and lots of burnt people,' she said. .. Michelle Rodriguez ditches her tomboy style for a glam silver mini dress as she hits Jean Paul Gaultier's Paris Fashion Week ... June 10, 2015

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Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb SBB500SS Alarm Clock

Like it's adult-oriented counterpart, Sonic Alert's Sonic Bomb SBB500SS for kids isn't just loud ' it includes a vibrating 'bed shaker" that goes under your child's pillow or mattress. It's perfect for family members who need a little extra push to get ... June 24, 2015

Sonic Alert Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SB200SS

Sonic Alert's Sonic Boom Alarm Clock SB200SS for adults isn't just super-loud ' it comes with a 'bed shaker" vibrating disk to put under the pillow or mattress. Perfect for family members who need an earthquake to get them out of bed. Also has battery ... June 24, 2015

The Big Display Maxx, Multi-Function Alarm Clock For Dads Man Cave This Fathers Day

Sonic Alert® announces its Big Display Maxx (BD4000), extra-large LED dual alarm clock with remote control – ideal for checking time at a glance. The bright red 4” x 11” display has been designed to be easy to see from across the room. With its ... June 16, 2015

The Big Display Maxx, Multi-Function Alarm Clock For Dad’s Man Cave This Father’s Day

The Big Display Maxx multi-function alarm clock from Sonic Alert is easy to see from across the room and controlled by a convenient remote. This stylish clock makes a sleek and helpful addition to dad’s man cave this father’s Day. Sonic Alert ... June 16, 2015

The Sonic Bomb Jr. The Perfect Gift to Wake Up Grads For Summer Jobs

Guaranteed to wake up deep sleeping grads – the Sonic Bomb Junior provides a 102dB alarm as well as a vibrating unit to shake the bed and a pulsating alert light. Popular with the young crowd is built-in USB charging for smart phones – convenient since ... June 9, 2015

Senior Prank With Hidden Clocks Prompts Bomb Scare

A senior prank at a North Carolina high school went awry Tuesday when hidden alarm clocks in lockers led school officials to suspect a bomb threat and evacuate 1,500 students. Dan Farrell said his daughter Shannon Farrell told him about her plan with ... May 26, 2015

Alarm clocks used for senior prank; Teens charged

A senior prank has two teenagers in serious trouble. Their joke to put alarm clocks in unused lockers sparked an evacuation of their high school in North Carolina. Staff members thought it was a bomb. Now both teens have been charged with creating a bomb hoax. May 27, 2015


Sonic Alert Bomb Alarm Clock (SA-SBB500ss) Review

Kishaar 11.20.14

Sonic Alert Bomb Alarm Clock (SA-SBB500ss) Review Sonic Alert Bomb Alarm Clock (SA-SBB500ss)