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Rising Franc Upends Daily Life in Swiss Borderlands

Bank secrecy was for decades a magnet for European tax evasion, making the Alpine country the world's biggest offshore center and one of the world's richest countries. More recently, Switzerland's robust economy, rock-bottom unemployment and strong ... February 22, 2015

Bavaria boasts a winter wonderland

I inherited a Bavarian cuckoo clock this year. At first I dismissed it as kitsch, something to stash in the basement next to a few deflated piñatas and some Moroccan slippers. But then the clock struck the hour, the cuckoo dove out from a carved whorl ... December 20, 2014

Will Apple Watch decimate Swiss industry? 'Geez, yeah right,' Lincoln watch ...

Not all too long after Apple gathered the tech press to announce its big new phone and latest iOS, and not too much longer after a U2 album virtually wall-repelled into seven zillion existing iPhones, Samuel Grandjean, owner of the Swiss Clock shop in ... September 28, 2014

Switzerland's special status in Europe is gone – the euro crisis is here

Changing Swiss francs into euros. 'The fact the SNB made the decision in such haste most likely indicates the extent of its despair over the current economic situation.' Photograph: Ennio Leanza/EPA. Daniel Binswanger in Zurich. Friday 16 January 2015 ... January 16, 2015

Robo-Tell hits Welsh National Opera

In Tell, this involves the love between Arnold and Mathilde across a national divide. It's the struggle of the Swiss — in a time before neutrality and cuckoo clocks — against their Austrian oppressors that, along with the Alps, forms the backdrop ... September 25, 2014

Good Beer in Berlin? Finally, Yes

In contrast to the modern architecture outside, the room had well-worn, old-fashioned furniture like Alpine chairs with hearts carved into the backs. A collection of cuckoo clocks quietly beat time on the walls. From large platters arose the hearty ... October 17, 2013

Bettina Stangneth: Eichmann before Jerusalem

No wonder Klement then decided to build his own house, to accommodate his lovely wife, his four sons, Fifi the dachshund, Rex the German shepherd, the cuckoo clock, and the paintings of alpine scenes. This was no contented man in his 50s, reading ... October 30, 2014

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You'll Go Cuckoo For This Gigantic Clock Carved Out Of A Single Tree

A remarkable cuckoo clock forged from a single maple tree is being used to crow about Portland, Oregon. Designed by Nicolas Gros and carved by chainsaw sculptor J. Chester Armstrong, the 24-foot-high, 7,000-pound clock is being shown off around the ... November 26, 2014

Say hello to the cuckoo

wonderful Alpine House clocks, impressive Black Forest House cuckoo clocks and traditionally carved cuckoo clocks — all hand carved in the Black Forest. There is also an expensive variety called the handmade shield or wall clock. These clocks are hand ... August 29, 2013

Heidelberg Swiss Chalet Home Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Alpine architecture shows precise, dramatic scale on this Heidelberg collection clock. It's patterned after a Swiss mountain chalet, completed with 4 dancing figurines, trees and more. The cuckoo shows every hour with precise Quartz movement. Clock also ... September 7, 2010


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