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Doomsday Dashboard Makes Tracking The Apocalypse Convenient - Science 2.0

You may not know the name of the activism group but you know their most famous creation - The Doomsday Clock. It captured the imagination of the public when it was unveiled in 1947 because we were clearly in the Atomic Age. For that reason it was set at 7 minutes before the Apocalypse - a nuclear holocaust, World War III. By 1949 the worst fear of the western world happened - we got confirmation that the Commies had tested a nuclear weapon of their own. And so the clock moved. No wonder school kids were taught to hide under the desk with paper bags on their heads. It went up and down a bit, another minute closer in 1953, back to 12 minutes before midnight in 1963. Then back to 3 minutes in 1984 because Reagan did not cave in to the USSR and unilaterally disarm. What happened to the Doomsday Clock. 01 from nuclear holocaust instead of. 011. Donations must have dropped because after that they quickly learned the error of their ways and now they keep contributors firmly in a state of panic - because, you know, the only thing that prevents...

What is atomic desk clocks?

Microsemi Corporation's (MSCC) CEO Jim Peterson Hosts 2015 Analyst Day ... -...

December 31, 1969
Microsemi Corporation (NASDAQ: MSCC ). 2015 Analyst Day Call. Robert Adams - Vice President, Corporate Development. Jim Peterson - Chairman & CEO. Esam Elashmawi - Corporate VP & GM, SoC Product Group. Roger Holliday - Senior VP & GM, Communications Product Group. Maamoun Seido - VP & BU Manager, Timing and Optical Products. Roger Holliday - Senior VP & GM, Communications Product Group. Siobhan Dolan Clancy - VP, Worldwide Business Development, Aerospace. Again thanks for coming to Microsemi’s 2015 Analyst Day, for those of you here in person and those of you that may or may not be listening on the webcast this morning. We’ve brought a lot of management depth and people smarter than myself here today, so I’ll do very little. I’ll walk you through a couple of things. I am going to walk you briefly through our agenda this morning. I am going to turn you over briefly to Jim Peterson, our Chairman and CEO who is going to walk you through Microsemi’s vision, through our value propositions, through our product focus, and through our application strategies.

Solving the Dyatlov Pass Mystery - The Moscow Times

December 31, 1969
Oss used to work at The Moscow Times, where she first wrote about the mysterious 1959 deaths of nine young hikers in the wild northern Ural Mountains. Two middle-aged men are quietly talking together over a wide and highly polished wooden desk. Across the marbled reception lobby outside the open office door, a clock ticks. They speak in an amicable way, but they are not friends, they are merely men of similar education, similar intellect and from similar backgrounds. The stouter of the two men is Boris Yeltsin, at that time the first secretary of the Sverdlovsk Communist Party. The lean, rangy one is Vladimir Korotayev, senior litigator and legal adviser to the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Sverdlovsk, now Yekaterinburg. In 1976, when he became the first secretary of the Communist Party in Sverdlovsk, one of the first things he did was to invite Vladimir Korotayev, the first investigator of the Dyatlov case, to a private meeting. Finally, Yeltsin leans forward and, in a low and friendly voice, broaches the main thing he wants to talk about.