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Bath Depot: bathroom mirror with integrated light and digital clock

January 15, 2018

What is the best bathroom digital clocks?

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Question and Answer: Part Two

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Welcome back to Question and Answer . A few weeks ago (okay like… two months ago) I asked “what do you want to know about me. ” on social media. I’m working through the questions ten-by-ten. ) but if I do want the look of eyeliner, I use black or dark brown eyeshadow with a slanted brush. My favourite lens for engagement sessions is the Canon 35mm f/1. 4 L. 13. What are some of you and Randy’s life goals over the next 5 years. My life goals. Career wise – I’m not too sure what life looks like. I love what I do and I hope to continue shooting as much as I can in the next 5 years. I really do love weddings and don’t see myself switching to anything else. I’d love to consistently pursue blogging/writing/online business a little more in the off season, though. We want to set a “solid” marriage foundation before children that we can grow on in the years to come. How do you stay organized & self-motivated as a business owner. I can’t think of another answer besides… you have to. If I wasn’t self-motivated, I’d get a job working for somebody else. Staying organized is a weekly task for sure – daily life messes up my systems but.

Meanwhile back on the farm

Susan Flockhart

It’s tricky because he hasn’t learned to tell the time yet – but I decided to buy this simple little digital clock for his bedroom, with the idea that all he he’d have to do is look at the first number to work out if it’s “morning” or not. – If the first number is a 6 or a 7, he can come into our bedroom for a cuddle. (We were not optimistic/delusional enough to make a rule for numbers after 7). It all sounded marvellously simple to me, but I had underestimated two things…. Firstly, how unrecognisable digital numbers are, when compared with the curvy, simplistic numbers that toddlers are taught to recognise. It took a while for the boy to get used to what a 6 and a 7 look like in LCD format and he still gets the 2s and 5s mixed up, and the 0s and 8s. Secondly, the excitement factor of having a new clock. He couldn’t wait to go to bed with the clock – and then he turned up in our room around 4:26 am. G and I both happened to be awake with insomnia and were able to explain to him that the 6 he was seeing on his clock was not the first number and... Eventually G popped in to check on him and found him sitting up on top of his covers wide awake and staring at the clock, waiting for the 6 to appear. He turned up at 6:01 am, at which point I pulled him into bed for a cuddle and asked “ Have you been lying awake staring at your clock all night. I just woke up and my clock said 6. ” (Perfect result).

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