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Weekend DIY: Rustic Oversized Wall Clock

March 16, 2018

Thumbs Up!******** ''Do It Yourself'' Customize a Rustic Oversized Wall Clock to suit the style and decor in your home. Step-By-Step details on the blog

What is the best blue oversized wall clocks?

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Tour McKain home in Sellersburg, Ind.

Blue walls are enhanced by an oversized wall clock. Doors lead out to the deck with sweeping views of the wooded landscape. Oak cabinetry is brightened by the light-colored countertops. The upstairs guest bedroom is reminiscent of Amber's room at her ... March 26, 2015

Cheap Eats 2015: Breakfast and Brunch

Instead of staring askance at the clock while you wait for your order, spend your time perusing the shop's tiny retail portion, where you might find fine teas nestled next to small bags of Rancho Gordo heirloom beans. Or go to the refrigerator case ... March 18, 2015

In the galleries: Art that's coolly conceived, rigorously made

A swarm of wiry black ovals swoops elegantly across one wall like a school of fish, although the title, “Celebrate Birth,” indicates that Lee was thinking of much smaller creatures. Among the artist's motifs are clocks that dwarf and occasionally ... February 13, 2015

Tour the Welch home near Eastwood

A large wall clock adds a touch of whimsy. Bob creatively added a turret as a cozy spot for family meals. Chairs surround the long table. Windows encircle the room and provide a view of the lake. The dramatic ceiling features a sophisticated chandelier.... March 5, 2015

Losing My Boyfriend to Cancer at 29

The culprit pulling the trigger: a very large tumor wrapped around his right kidney. Several scans showed worse news. The cancer had already metastasized. There were additional tumors in his lungs, questionable spots on his liver, and other “we'll ... February 22, 2015

Halfway to Nowhere

I walk out the front doors of the prison at ten o'clock in the morning. For the first time, I am standing in the “sliver. An oversize American flag sways above us; rust-colored leaves float down through the crisp fall air. Autumn, from the Etruscan ... February 9, 2015

The Shape of Things to Come

To our left was an open kitchen with tables and benches, a vintage Faema espresso machine, and a wall of books that included “100 Superlative Rolex Watches” and a study of Joe Colombo, the designer best known for his round-cornered Kartell storage ... February 16, 2015


Mirror Frame Pt. 1: Design, Half-Laps, Assembly, & Curves

Marc Spagnuolo

Love the return to these long-form, step-by-step videos. Any reason you ordered the glass BEFORE you assembled the frame and cut the rabbets. I’d think you want to do that the other way around, getting the glass panel cut to fit the finished opening, rather than trying to cut what could turn out to be odd-sized rabbets to fit the pre-cut panel. (Also it would avoid having to store a delicate mirror in my shop during the build, where I’m sure something would conspire to break it before I finished the project.

The Secrets of Dying in Savannah


I’d felt like the plane had been in taxi for years. I sighed hot breath onto the window and traced smiley faces with ‘x’s for eyes with my pinky finger. My phone sat illuminated on my thigh with dozens of texts from my sister, Willie, asking if I’d made the flight on time and if I wasn’t upset that Mitch was picking me up instead of her and if I had enough to eat that day. I pressed my cheek to the cold window to try to relieve myself from the clutching feeling in my chest from the humid, pressurized air. Willie told me that he was doing well and his wife was expecting a baby, she then asked if I had managed to win Margaret back yet. I started to compose a message to Margaret, asking her if she’d consider hearing me out once I got back from Savannah, but a flight attendant with bright pink lips and hot-rolled golden hair walked by and said in a sweet Georgia accent: “Hon,... Every night since the day Willie called to tell me she’d died I watched her gentle frame be blown away in the wind like dust. ” I would try to cover my ears and eyes, but was paralyzed as her thin, raisin-colored lips and hazel eyes dissolved into a hot Savannah breeze. Once I saw him, a feeling of doom washed over me. My chest felt like I hadn’t even disembarked the plane.

001.9 Questioning the Questionable


The alien, of course, was not an alien, but a diminutive older gent in a tweed jacket over what appeared to be a shirt adorned with a glow-in-the dark UFO. He was distinctly disheveled, and Officer Apricot Dorrit could not tell if that was his general state of being, or if it was a result of his tousle with the blond detective. Officer Dorrit had responded to the scene at the zoo in record time, and had been less surprised than one might think to find a man in an absurd star-spangled waistcoat restraining a wild-eyed senior citizen with coke-bottle glasses, while a third... Apricot was familiar with Tewksbury and Forbes, PIs. “And that-“ George Tewksbury was gesturing wildly as he related the evenings events to Apricot in an interrogation room back at the police station, “is when I dashed out and apprehended the scoundrel. Forbes had not seemed to be paying an overabundant amount of attention to his partner’s story, but was rather peering behind Officer Dorrit, with an odd sort of trepidation and determination, through the one-way mirror affixed to the far wall at... Apricot knew that, just perhaps, he couldn’t. Because no one else in the small Bards Head PD had the patience to deal with Tewksbury and Forbes, nor the wherewithal to sort through their nonsense.

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The Game

I could see the holes in my retina in front of me, in oblong shapes and in colors of blue and yellow and magenta ... been locked before and stepped into a looming maze of wall and grandfather clocks. I stared at them, tall and dark brown, with their ... April 11, 2015

Liberal Democrats Try to Push Hillary Clinton Left

“I would like to bring people from right, left, red, blue, get them into a nice warm purple ... Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, the family’s large charitable organization, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis. After leaving the State ... April 10, 2015

College Basketball Capsules - Men: Wisconsin ends Kentucky's undefeated run

He started the run with bucket from the paint over Trey Lyles, then Nigel Hayes tied the game by tipping in an air ball after the clock had clearly turned to ... Wisconsin has come this far in large part to Kaminsky, the AP player of the year. April 4, 2015

State of the Nation: Saturday, April 4

Turn clocks back an hour before you go to bed on Saturday night ... Have you got someone to contribute to our national Faces of Anzacs wall? The wall will commemorate the faces of Australia's Anzacs on Anzac Day 2015. Submit yours here. April 3, 2015

Bruno Richard Hauptmann, Lindbergh baby kidnapper, is sent to the electric chair in 1936

... guards - all were dressed in trim blue uniforms with trim blue and white caps - lifted a large alarm clock and tried to place it on top of a bronze radiator suspended from the left wall of the room. “You will please take the time from this clock ... April 2, 2015

Saddle Up At The Watering Hole

Though it's still a hole in the wall, and RBar's signage continues to command the outdoor ... the bar doubles as a sports fan refuge with a handful of large flat screens scattered around, further driving its mini-Slackers impression. The pièce de ... April 1, 2015

REKINDLES HALL OF FLAME: Superintendent James Braidwood

Fountain Bridge (new southwest quarter) was Blue. Teviot Place (south side of Old Town ... The insurance companies that were paying a large portion of the brigade’s cost complained about the price of providing the present level of fire protection. March 30, 2015


Active Living Oversized Digital LED Dynamic Wall Clock Review

Piedadh24 01.16.15

Active Living Oversized Digital LED Dynamic Wall Clock Review Active Living Oversized Digital LED Dynamic Wall Clock Built in Battery so it Never Loses TimeEasy to Read16-inch X 7.5-inch

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