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Vintage Heirloom Regulator Chiming Wall Clock

April 17, 2018

Model: PC180WAGM On the hour, this clock plays Westminster chimes (without hour call). I'm not sure when this clock was made, but how aged it looks, it looks vintage. It takes 4 AA batteries...

What is the best classic regulator wall clocks?

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Texans' Clock Collection Sells in Massachusetts

Pennsylvania, was a floor-standing clock. The rest were classics of shelf and wall styles, some with wooden works, some with fusees, and some with wagon springs powering their brass movements. A Levi Pitkin wall regulator sold to the Shelburne ... August 6, 2015

Antiques: Roman warrior Ansonia clock 19th-century novelty

Answer: Founded in Connecticut in 1850 by wealthy metal importer Anson G. Phelps (1781-1853) and two partners, the Ansonia Clock Co. experienced a huge factory fire and some business reorganization before moving to Brooklyn, New York, in 1878.... August 1, 2015

This is the future: Goldman Sachs leads Wall St invasion of Silicon Valley

With tech leaders Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook and more recently startups like Uber and Airbnb disrupting valuation models, Wall Street has stopped waiting for IPOs. Led by the powerful and influential Goldman Sachs, the investment bankers are ... July 28, 2015

How Goldman Sachs quietly became a technology-investing giant in Silicon Valley

"They weren't coming just to get wasted," says Mel Cavaricci - aka DJ Mel - recalling the crowd milling in front of his sound table at a party in March. It was at the height of the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, held in Austin, Texas. The ... July 28, 2015

Vintage videogames for walls

“They're geeks; they're nerds,” says Rob Connolly, a retired Floridian who, with his partner, Rita Balcom, makes intricate wall clocks and desk clocks out of old hard drives and motherboards. A few years ago, for example, their company, Tecoart, filled ... July 9, 2015

Director at Generic-Drug Giant Mylan Had Undisclosed Ties to Land Deal

Securities regulators require public companies to tell shareholders about any significant transactions with directors, executives or other “related persons.” Members of boardroom compensation committees have special duties under securities and tax laws ... July 7, 2015

Antiques & Collectibles: Seth Thomas regulator clock a timeless favorite

Question: What can you tell me about an old oak wall clock left in an office building I recently ac-quired? It is 37 inches long, 16 inches wide and 5½ inches deep with a brass pendulum and weight. Its metal dial is painted white, has Roman numerals, a ... March 7, 2015


Texans' Clock Collection Sells in Massachusetts - Maine Antique Digest

One of only two watches in the live auction, this circa 1965 Tornek-Rayville TR-900 dive watch, stainless steel (not gold), was made for the U. S. Navy. It was the sale’s top-selling lot at $58,425 and was not even pictured in the print catalog, which demonstrates the strength of today’s vintage wristwatch market. This circa 1868 E. S. Ritchie ship’s binnacle had provenance from the U. S. S. Constellation , the U. S. Navy Yard in California, the Valley Forge Historical Society, and the U. S. Naval Academy, where it had been on loan 1954-88. The standing... This circa 1835 double-statue eight-day model swings its glass clock face and lower attached pendulum with no apparent mechanism. It sold for $15,990. Astronomer Vera Rubin’s collection figured prominently in the non-clock portion of the sale. This circa 1872 celestial indicator by Henry Bryant of Hartford, Connecticut, showed both armillary and orrery models of the solar system and came with original testimonials and a pamphlet. It sold for $15,990. One look at this “acorn” shelf clock revealed why these fragile and ornate cases are so rare.

Antiques: Roman warrior Ansonia clock 19th-century novelty - Press of Atlantic City

Question: My daughter inherited the Ansonia clock shown in my photos from her grandparents. I have searched through 1,200 pictures in Ansonia catalogs and cannot see anything like it. The clock is marked with an A inside a square over a diamond as well as "NY USA" and "Pat 1882. " I hope you can give me some information about Ansonia and... Stay informed with the latest breaking news and in-depth reporting from award-winning journalists, plus unparalleled access to the area’s best photo galleries, videos and multimedia. Subscribe now to get immediate and unlimited access to all our digital content on ANY device for only $16. 50 per month.

How Goldman Sachs quietly became a technology-investing giant in Silicon Valley - The Australian Financial Review

"They weren't coming just to get wasted," says Mel Cavaricci - aka DJ Mel - recalling the crowd milling in front of his sound table at a party in March. The event, which started as a music festival, more recently has become famous for propelling the likes of Twitter, Foursquare, Meerkat, and other fast-growing startups. MRY, a digital marketing firm, hosted a party featuring rapper Busta Rhymes and dancers with big Day-Glo sticks. This year, Cavaricci had been hired to spin for a company he'd never seen around SXSW before: Goldman Sachs. One in particular, Edwin Starr's 1970s classic Easin' In , seemed to fit: "There's a man coming into town. Goldman Sachs, probably the most powerful bank in the world, quietly, without fanfare, is making a play to become one of the most influential investors in technology start-ups. According to research firm CB Insights, the Wall Street bank has taken part in 132 fund-raising rounds in private technology companies since 2009, including 77 deals made in the past 2½ years alone. Goldman has backed Uber Technologies, Pinterest, Dropbox, and 12 other so-called unicorns, that once-rare breed of start-up valued at $US1 billion ($1. 36 billion) or more. Goldman ranks in the top 10 of CB Insights' unicorn backers.

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Hermle Ravensburg Mechanical Skeleton Wall Clock

The Ravensburg Mechanical Skeleton Wall Clock from Hermle is a piece of art in its own right while being a fantastic wall clock. With a glorious wrought iron case and mechanical 8 day chain movement, this skeleton wall clock will certainly garner some ... December 10, 2013

Vitra Nelson Turbine Wall Clock

Why should you have to find out the time from the digital screen on your microwave? Do kids even learn how to tell time on a non-digital clock anymore? Ensure that they do with style. George Nelson's clocks are an iconic example of mid-century modern design. December 10, 2013


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