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Donald Trump's Yuuge Hypocrisy

There are lots of myths about the witch hunts of old, and there's even more abuse of the term “witch hunt” in contemporary life (you'd know that if you read this or this). But at times it does seem like there's a deep current of medieval logic running ... April 25, 2015

W Hotels Worldwide, and The Coca-Cola Company Introduce the ...

Valet” (MCAV), is a multi-tasking USB charging device that also acts as a jewelry/watch stand and an alarm clock. Developed by Miniwiz, an emerging engineering firm from Taipei focused exclusively on post-consumer recycled material design ... April 13, 2015

Did Alice Crimmins Kill Her Kids?

To the sensationalist press, Alice was a 'modern-day Medea' who had sacrificed her children to a deadly hatred for her husband. Piering took Alice into her bedroom . A false alarm was raised in Cunningham Park when what looked like a blond-headed ... April 11, 2015

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.” ~ Leo J. Burke

Even the glow from an alarm clock, a smartphone or any other electrical appliance could disrupt circadian rhythm. Does your neighbor Her design studio is located in the Artful Living Group building 112 Cape Fear Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC. Linquist ... April 17, 2015

Inventions for 'everyday emergencies' tackle full car parks and dead phone ...

They asked groups to design products to deal with common problems. So a group called Instruments designed a product called 'Snooze', an alarm clock which connects with your phone and silences any notifications to ensure a good night's sleep. To ... April 17, 2015

Media Matters: David Cronenberg's 'Videodrome'

Similarly, twenty-four hour news cycles keep viewers abreast of the situation—always “breaking news”—with round-the-clock footage of riots, protests, and standoffs. Like with Her words suggesting that the program is in some way a game or mere ... April 14, 2015

coffee-making alarm clock wakes you up with a freshly brewed mug

when daybreak hits, most caffeine addicts fiendishly anticipate their coffee fix. a staple of many mornings includes the painful alarm clock buzz, quickly followed by a haphazard preparation of a freshly brewed mug. but what if your alarm could make ... July 30, 2014

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The best way to handle attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

But listen up, advancing agers: You can turn back the clock on your RealAge by adopting a walking routine ... Rome in 410 A.D., they ravaged the once mighty empire and caused alarm all around the Mediterranean. Today’s pill-aging (too many pills!) May 1, 2015

Schmidt ’76 discusses machine intelligence, technological advancement, education

an intelligent alarm clock will be able to tell the user that he or she can snooze for eighteen more minutes because his or her boss is running late. He said that credit for the blossoming of modern technology must be due in part to Vannevar Bush ... April 30, 2015

In China, a bike may be best way to find clean air and quiet

Yet those were among the few modern intrusions. The nearest toilet was an outhouse ... After that, it was a hard but short sleep upstairs, with a rooster alarm clock at roughly 3 a.m. – the beasts crowing for several hours afterward. April 30, 2015

Soundfreaq Launched New Sound Rise Hotel Edition, A Modern Wireless Bedroom Speaker and Alarm Clock for Hotels

Soundfreaq, maker of the critically acclaimed line of wireless speakers, is beginning to roll out the hotel edition of its award-winning bedroom speaker and alarm clock, Sound Rise, to a variety of hotels across the United States. Soundfreaq has taken ... April 30, 2015

Expo Milan 2015 to open on time despite corruption and protests

As frantic round-the clock preparations continued right up to the last minute ... an ambitious but successful attempt to reflect the country's traditional rural and modern urban landscapes in one building, is expected to be one of the major draws for ... April 30, 2015

24 Hours In The Past review – back to the ordure

Don’t just take it, go on strike, have a march, be more impressive, more modern. Oh, and for paying the “knocker-upper” a day’s wages just for banging on the door in the morning. A knocker-upper was just a human alarm clock, he didn’t actually ... April 29, 2015

Energy Security Must Include Reliable Power

This wonderful, finely balanced round-the-clock empowerment required planning and development ... with full implementation potentially taking up to 15 years. EPA’s latest climate alarm-premised war on coal assault calls for states to cut CO2 emissions ... April 27, 2015


Contemporary Athletics - Clock Your Wedge Shots

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Contemporary Ergonomics

CRC Press.2003.ISBN: 9780203221495,0203221494.511 pages.

The latest volume in the "Contemporary Ergonomics" series which form a record...

Philosophy of Mind: Contemporary Readings

Routledge.2005.ISBN: 9781134455539,1134455534.608 pages.

Philosophy of Mind: Contemporary Readings is a comprehensive anthology that...

Contemporary Chinese Fiction by Su Tong and Yu Hua

BRILL.2011.ISBN: 9789004202269,9004202269.227 pages.

The focus of this study is coming of age in troubled Cultural Revolutionary...

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Gingko Wooden Alarm Clock Black at Contemporary Heaven

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Modern Alarm Clock Multi-colour Stock Photo - Image: 43916205

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