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Open House Agenda: 3 Apartments to See This Weekend

Lowdown: Though technically a studio, this east-facing Chelsea unit “feels larger than some one-bedrooms," and even though it's on the second floor, it gets great light as there are only low-rise structures across the street, said Wigder Frota of ... August 14, 2015

The Tale of Kid Decor: Bedrooms, playrooms by the book

For a contemporary space, consider Chicago artist Christian Jackson's minimalist versions of classic fairy tales: “Little Red Riding Hood” is evoked by a copse of trees and a flash of red cape; the “Goldilocks” print shows three bowls of oatmeal, each ... August 13, 2015

Children's books inspire bedroom or playroom style

Cynthia Mehlberg, a designer in Gillette, Wyoming, crafts canvas pillows with quotes from "Peter Pan," Hans Christian Andersen and others. For a contemporary space, consider Chicago artist Christian Jackson's minimalist versions of classic fairy ... August 13, 2015

Decor inspired by kids books

For a contemporary space, consider Chicago artist Christian Jackson's minimalist versions of classic fairy tales at Little Red Riding Hood is evoked by a copse of trees and a flash of red cape; the Goldilocks print shows three ... August 8, 2015

Behind Dr. Brandt's Death

Stars—movie, rock, and pop—television personalities and fashion models and professional athletes, round-the-clock talk-show hosts—morning, afternoon, and late-night—princesses from small, oil-rich countries, tycoons who jetted around in, well, jets ... August 10, 2015

Microsized Adventures

Now if you endeavor to run such a scenario in your own game, you'll quickly run into a brick wall, as you realize that the interconnected rules frameworks of 3.X and its follow-ups like Pathfinder The second issue immediately crops up regarding ... August 14, 2015

Home of the Week: A kinetic home of sculptures and global memories

Heritage Harbour is a 55 plus community with more than 1,600 residences of various types and sizes. It offers its residents golf, tennis and indoor and outdoor A clue: George is also a contemporary sculptor. Heritage Harbour neighbor Moira Dehn ... July 17, 2015

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In Durham, two different approaches to photography

If photography was considered at all, it was as a mechanical process and it has only been in the last 50 years that it has become a significant part of any discussion of contemporary art ... writing and the wall clock is just ... August 15, 2015

D23 Expo 2015: ‘Zootopia’ Introduces Us To A World Of Anamorphic Disney Fun

Of course everything there is tailored to the size of the large animal, and she contemplates what size ... In a second clip, the pair are shown racing against the clock to get paperwork… which unfortunately has to come from the DMV (for which the film ... August 15, 2015

Property details

This is a perfect mix of modern and classic beautifully designed ... Lighting to the top and bottom of the wall units. Inset spotlights and a chandelier to the ceiling. Space for large american style fridge freezer. Built in dishwasher and 5 burner range ... August 15, 2015

Fine Art: Exhibitions of Dan Ivic, Robin Rhode and Cristina Camacho

1974) returned to making art three years ago, after a decade founding and running an art exhibition space, Greener Pastures Contemporary Art, in his hometown of Toronto. The works for his exhibition are large (up ... frieze of life-size drawings of ... August 14, 2015

Noah Purifoy's smoldering work of art, 'Watts Riot,' is a powerful reminder on the 50th anniversary

paint and signage to assemble an exquisite wall relief of murmuring power. At roughly 3 feet wide and 4 feet high, it's relatively modest in physical size. For art of the last 50 years, however, "Watts Riot" looms large. As the anniversary of the ... August 14, 2015

Old Hotel Foster getting massive makeover

“You can never recreate history, so what we’re trying to do is create something that’s reverent to that history but still kind of modern ... all gone. Large chunks of chipped plaster cover portions of an original brick wall. August 12, 2015

Back to the Future: a personal view of the state of cinema-going in Northern Ireland

I’ve used ‘state’ here, as the word reminds me of the State Cinema in Ballymena of my schooldays: a long queue for two large ... modern cinemas – Omniplex being among the exceptions – where movies are joylessly thrown onto the wall of a box ... August 13, 2015


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