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EEVblog #801 - How To Design A Digital Clock

August 16, 2018

The next step for Ahmed Mohamed How to design your own digital clock from 4000 series CMOS chips. Dave reverse engineers a DIY clock he built back in the ...

What is the best design digital alarm clocks?

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Ethereal and Transparent Workspace Tools Let You Think Clearly

Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet has created a set of office items for Lexon. Dream Tools feature a transparent design that is meant to foster a dreamy and productive mindset in the workplace. The ethereal and vibrant collection comprises four office ... April 10, 2015

Save Over 80% On The Arduino Beginners Course

in electronics design, and study and use many types of sensors and components. Look--it doesn't even matter if all you want a small trebuchet-style robot to throw your alarm clock across the room at 6am. Arduino can help you program the machine ... April 9, 2015

An Old-Time Grace in Travel Clocks

Several companies have focused on the nostalgia factor associated with certain kinds of luxury travel — with vintage-design luggage, for example — notably on the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner or the Orient-Express trains. The train company once “Even ... March 18, 2015

Beware of the Robot Pharmacist

When you're stuck with a mode problem, user-centered design principles dictate that the mode should be made obvious to the user. And so most computer The ECRI Institute, a nonprofit consulting organization that monitors data on medical errors, has ... March 31, 2015

Apple Watch review: first-look at Apple's smartwatch ahead of launch

These range from detailed analogue faces with extra complications (on a traditional watch these are the extra elements that inform the watch face, like multiple time zones and moon phases) to bright digital clocks. These faces Instead, Apple has ... April 8, 2015

Garmin Vivoactive Fitness Smartwatch Review

While its square design screams "gadget," it's not as techy as the $299 Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 or the $200 Microsoft Band. The hinges attaching the two Although the Vivoactive's default watch face — a digital clock with the date and second counter ... March 19, 2015

Security Made in Germany: cb Time app brings a vault hidden in a clock

There's an hour-hand, a minute hand and a red second hand. At the same time, the clock also displays the time in digital format. You can easily set an alarm. Simple in design, powerful in performance: The alarm songs are created by famous pianist Helen ... March 20, 2015


Pi Day: Armenia in the Tech World


Not pie day, but pi day meaning π ( pi ) 3. 14159. It is usually a day that is overlooked, unless you are a mathematician or you are a recent prospective student to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT posts acceptance/rejection decisions... Whether it is due to the fact that the centennial is fast approaching this year, or the genuine fact that a lot of innovation is coming from the little known country, the fact remains that we are getting your attention. Co-founder and CEO of Animal Logic (animation and visual effects studio which produced visual effects and animation for feature films such as The Great Gatsby, The Matrix, 300, Happy Feet, Moulin Rouge, etc. Indeed, there are some pretty big faces in the digital arena with last names ending in ian/yan. According to official statistics, the IT industry in Armenia has expanded by about 25% in 2014. A great chunk of it can be pinpointed to US firms in the tech industry such as Synopsys, National Instruments, Mentor Graphics and VMware, but they... Occupying over 6,000 square meters, this monster of a building is equipped with over 450 computer workstations, 100 iPads, 3D printers, cameras, musical keyboards, with facilities like an in-house recording studio, a professional movie theater, a...

The Magnificent Miniature Mikiphone


It looks like a slightly over-sized hockey puck or a maybe a round hunk of cheese in a metal container. A closer inspection reveals a windup key on its side, like something from a clockwork toy. This assembly now joins to a jointed metal arm which is fitted onto the main contraption. alarm clock. I finish the last step by inserting a sharp metal needle into its holder in the resonator. Someone guesses that it might be a sound producing device. From my bag, I pull out a 10” shellac disk and fit the record on the spindle. I move the tone arm over and drop the needle on to the record. The disk begins to spin and out pours the somewhat tinny but otherwise glorious sound of Glenn Miller’s ‘Moonlight Serenade. ’ There are ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and sounds of delight as the truth is revealed. It’s a miniature, fully functional record player that requires no electricity. It was designed to be the smallest, most portable record player ever made. Most had a nickeled metal casing but a few luxury version cases were made of gold and silver. The simple design was intended.

The Hidden Gem Of Digital Money Path System Outage Template


Working at home is some thing a great deal of remain at home moms want or require to do. It’s great becoming in a position to have a career while being correct at home for your family members. You can function a number of real work from the comfort of your personal house. It’s not the simplest of jobs, as you need a peaceful location to work with no background noise at all, and the hrs aren’t always abundant, but you can do fairly nicely at it. So, you decided to fire your manager and become a function at house... alarm clock, no rush hour visitors, no dropping the children off at the sitter’s. Negative ideas are not heading to function with the grain of your monetary wishes. Many people anticipate to produce good monetary results with a negative monetary mindset, and that just gained’t happen. If you want to obtain positively then you have to think positively. These are tips that you can do to make sure that the house based business functions for you and not the other way about. If you have a lot of experience digital money path or understanding in a specific area, that’s the very best location to focus your attempts. You’ll gain a reputation much more rapidly if you function at writing fantastic content on parenting, for example, than if you function on.

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Awesome alarm clock uses parametric speakers to wake you up without disturbing your partner

But for all their clever designs, most alarm clocks still suffer from a common drawback: the fact that they’re not designed for multiple users. When one person’s alarm goes off, the person sleeping next to them has no choice but to wake up too. April 1, 2015

Creative coding: the making of Hackaball

Created by digital agency Made by Many ... Made by Many says children have also used it to make 'Magic 8' balls, whoopee cushions and alarm clocks. To fund the project, the agency launched a Kickstarter campaign and has already received more than double ... March 30, 2015

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