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LEDA Clocks - Wooden Mechanical Pendulum Wall Clocks With Wooden Gears. Designed & Made By LEDA

February 21, 2020

LEDA Clocks Trailer - A very quick taste of my wooden gear mechanical wall clocks. All clocks are gravity driven via a weight with time keeping regulated by a ...

What is the best design wooden pendulum wall clocks?

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Invoke that old time feel

If you wish to up the style quotient of your room, add an antique pendulum operated clock. Print This Page Decorating with clocks has made a major comeback in the design world. The most important thing to remember when decorating with wall ... August 2, 2015

The mystery of pendulum clocks has finally been solved

As the pendulums of the two clocks hanging on the same wall moved back and forth, sound pulses were detected from the “click” made by the clocks. The sound waves traveled through the wood in the wall, influencing the swinging pattern of the pendulums.... July 28, 2015

Kovel: With 'brown furniture' out of favor, there are bargains to be had

The antiques are well made of solid wood, and although already almost 200 years old, probably will be useful for another hundred or more. Curly maple is an The company prospered and in 1940 introduced "George Washington's Choice," a design inspired ... July 24, 2015

Several major, prominent local estates come up for bid Aug. 1

Star lots include a drop-leaf dining table, an armoire and two end tables with wooden grill design, a recamier (fainting couch), a colorfully painted three-chair back wood sofa, a wine table with a drawer, white-washed tier tables, a large half-moon ... July 25, 2015

Maple can yield striking designs, helping furniture hold its value

. Published on Monday, 20 July 2015 22:18 Curly maple is an uncommon wood used by early craftsmen in Ohio and parts of New England where the soft maple trees were plentiful. It is ... July 20, 2015

Secrets of the Great House

Octagon pendulum clock, older than the house itself. Photo: Dexter The wood wall sill is prominent and part of the architectural detailing. The sunburst in the doorway is a design or figure commonly used in architectural ornaments and design ... July 5, 2015

Will the Apple Watch Eclipse the Classic Swiss Watch?

Like many smartwatches, Apple's is designed to let you quickly dictate responses to text messages, check the weather, find a child-friendly Ethiopian restaurant—things you'd normally rely on your smartphone to do. (Caveat: It doesn't have cellular ... April 16, 2015

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Invoke that old time feel

Decorating with clocks has made a major comeback in the design world ... used in homes is a wall clock. A nice wall clock will suit any interior, as the variety of models of wall clocks is truly amazing. Wall clocks can be made of wood, glass, metal ... August 2, 2015

Time just WAKA WAKA WAKAs by with a Pac-Man arcade cabinet wall clock

Mayhaps a Pac-Man themed wall clock designed after an original ... as far as novelty clocks based on video games go, it's pretty classy. The body is handcrafted from wood and stands at nearly two feet tall, with illuminated logo, clock face and coin ... July 29, 2015

Little Wonderland

8,500 Baaya Design This beautiful bookshelf captures the essence of the Gondwana forests. Made from sheesham wood, it features Gond art. Rs. 40,750 Rang Rage This gorgeous canvas clock features ... Turtles This retrievable wall-mounted table made from ... July 30, 2015

Learn age-old secret of why pendulum clocks sync over time

Since then, the prevailing theory explaining this baffling ‘communication’ between pendulum clocks chalked it up to air currents or a mysterious energy transmitted through beams of wood. Now ... impact propagates in the wall slightly perturbing ... July 28, 2015

Clock Mystery Solved: 300-Year-Old Pendulum Puzzle Pieced Together by Scientists

In this case, researchers argue that tiny pulses created by ticking clocks travel through the wood ... in the wall slightly perturbing the second clock. In this model each clock transmits once per cycle a sound pulse that is translated in a pendulum ... July 28, 2015

Clocks 'SPEAK' to each other: The mystery of how pendulum clocks self-synchronise their ticks is solved after 350 years

When one clock receives the kick, the impact propagates in the wall ... the pendulum in the neighbouring clock until they eventually reach equilibrium. In the clocks used by Huygens, which were monsters using weights weighing 50-60lbs, a stiff wooden ... July 27, 2015

The good life: Country design by Laura Ashley

white scratched-wood curtain poles, from £90 each; swirl-ball finials, £25 each Wisteria Cranberry wallpaper, £40 per roll; wall clock in Cranberry, £60; drum shade in Cranberry, £40; Leamington floor lamp base, £275; Glenmore chair in Check ... July 25, 2015


Flying Pendulum Wooden Clock

Julien Amasa 04.25.15

Flying Pendulum Wooden Clock


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