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Weekend DIY: Rustic Oversized Wall Clock

July 18, 2018

Thumbs Up!******** ''Do It Yourself'' Customize a Rustic Oversized Wall Clock to suit the style and decor in your home. Step-By-Step details on the blog ...

What is the best easy read extra large wall clocks?

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Red Rock Nation: An Unforgettable Adventure In Sedona

With much excitement, we checked into the charming little Bell Rock Inn (with our extra night!), without a hitch. And our adventure began. Our easy two-hour drive from Phoenix ended up serving as the calm before the storm. And as thrill-seekers, we ...

www.huffingtonpost.com September 1, 2015

Children of the Tribes

At her feet lies a hammer, along with evidence that the boy has recently gone on a destructive spree: a shattered mirror, a broken vase, and a disemboweled clock. Unsure how to discipline her “We serve the fruit of the Spirit,” it read. “Why not ...

www.psmag.com September 1, 2015

Gaming As Corporate Team Development

The extra twist in the version that I experienced, Trapped in a Room with a Zombie: Still Hungry, was that the room included a guy dressed up as a zombie who would remove any player from participating (outside of standing in the corner and talking) in ...

www.popmatters.com September 1, 2015

The Death and Life of Atlantic City

They'd been holding on for years themselves, in the hope of selling to a big casino, and in the interim they'd been gutted by rising property taxes and ongoing decay. The problem was that the area was zoned for big casino-hotels. You couldn't build a ...

www.newyorker.com August 31, 2015

College Football Kickoff: CBS Expands SEC Schedule, Digital Offerings

“Most of our technological improvements are behind the scenes and won't be very obvious to viewers,” says Harold Bryant, Executive Producer and Senior Vice President, Production at CBS Sports. “We've worked on getting improved cameras, improved ...

sportsvideo.org September 1, 2015

Kindergarten to college

Whether you use an old-school wall-mounted calendar with spaces for each family member or an electronic version linked to your smartphone, assign a different color for each person to make it easier to see who's where when, Zaslow said. Transfer the ...

www.rep-am.com September 2, 2015

Nest Announces 3rd Gen Thermostat With Bigger Display

Nest says that the new Thermostat knows when you walk into a room from a distance and will light up to show you the temperature or time or a big clock face. This new feature is called Farsight. That's not all, though. The new Nest Thermostat should be ...

www.droid-life.com September 1, 2015


Gaming As Corporate Team Development - PopMatters

A few weekends ago a few friends and I went to a live-action version of the “Escape the Room” genre of video games. For the uninitiated, “Escape the Room” games are a form of puzzle game in which the player is locked in a room and must escape. Often times the room will at first appear normal, but over time and after exploration of the room, the player finds clues and riddles that will lead them to a means of escape. What makes the live-action version much more tense is that there is a time limit and often the puzzle is far too grand for a single person to solve in a reasonable amount of time. The extra twist in the version that I experienced, Trapped in a Room with a Zombie: Still Hungry , was that the room included a guy dressed up as a zombie who would remove any player from participating (outside of standing in the corner and... Going in, I didn’t know what to expect, from room size to clue type to even the tone of the game, and while the version of the game that I ended up playing was rather silly, it was a great time. In our rather large group (ten-ish people), no one was useless or didn’t help solve the riddles and puzzles set before us. The room that we were in only had a 30% success rate, but we were able to solve it just in time and avoid the zombie while...

The Death and Life of Atlantic City - The New Yorker

Mike Hauke opened a pizza and sub shop in Atlantic City in 2009, but only after he had failed in nine tries to rent the space to somebody else. He had bought the building three years earlier on the advice of his father, an accountant who considered distressed real estate a smart long-term bet. It was a bedraggled three-story clapboard house that years of neighborhood demolition and neglect had stranded at the edge of several mostly vacant blocks, which together formed an urban badlands reaching all the way to the dunes. This was the South Inlet, a once thriving part of town and now more or less a desolate slum at the northeastern end of Absecon Island, the landmass that is home to Atlantic City and three other municipalities. People from “offshore,” as locals like to call the mainland, tend to think of the island’s Inlet end as north, because it’s upcoast, but locals call it east. Three blocks west of Hauke’s place, an immense slab of steel and glass was rising over the badlands: a hotel and casino to be called Revel, destined to be bigger and more opulent than anything Atlantic City had ever seen—two towers, reaching... ) By the end, the cost of building Revel reached more than $2. 4 billion, making it the most expensive private construction project in the history of New Jersey. Unable to find a commercial tenant for his house’s ground floor (the apartments upstairs were designated Section 8, for low-income tenants), he started selling rudimentary takeout to Revel’s construction crews.

College Football Kickoff: CBS Expands SEC Schedule, Digital Offerings - Sports Video Group (blog)

CBS Sports has set its alarm clock early this year for its storied SEC on CBS football package, with the addition of two early-season non-conference games. In anticipation of another exciting season, CBS has bolstered its on-site production technology, will introduce a new pregame, halftime, and postgame studio, and will stream games for free – no authentication required. The SEC on CBS production team gets their season underway with a marquee game this Saturday as No. 6 Auburn battles Louisville in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game (CBS, 3:30 p. m. ) in the Georgia Dome. While most viewers will enjoy a similar on-air look and CBS’s classic feel this season, there were numerous behind-the-scenes technological enhancements injected into this year’s production. “Most of our technological improvements are behind the scenes and won’t be very obvious to viewers,” says Harold Bryant, Executive Producer and Senior Vice President, Production at CBS Sports. One obvious addition will be the use of a new studio set that has been erected at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City.

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Pawns and Bishops

The following year WHETE (the Worlds Head of Extra Terrestrial ... as large as this one." "Alright here," I pointed to a part of the river half a mile from the city proper. "That is the point we need to take." "Alright, that's easy enough they have ...

www.teenink.com September 1, 2015

Another bit of all bright

But while the weather rules outside, indoors at least, with a few simple tweaks, it’s easy to conjure rooms where ... when you can simply glance at the wall indoors? Bramwell Brown’s weather clock has a barometer tucked inside, and a scene on the ...

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CRM Watchlist 2015 Winners: InsideView and Xactly - sales to the max - and then some

The clock is ticking.... We're down to six winners needing reviews ... Why, thank you SO much for making it easy for me. I can answer that. One thing we know when it comes to the CRM market is that sales force automation (SFA) --which is what CRM cut ...

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Here's an organizational plan

The Land of Nod Birdwatcher Wall Hooks ($21.95) come in a set of three and don't look so childish that they can't be used throughout your child's grade school and teen years. The goal: Learn time management by using a calendar and clock, foster ...

readingeagle.com August 31, 2015

Bengals Upbeat And Uptempo Early Vs. Bears

Tight end Tyler Eifert caught a nice ball up the middle for five yards as Dalton had plenty of time to read through progressions behind an absolute wall of Bengals offensive linemen who had an easy time holding ... booted the extra-point kick down the ...

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Fashola in the eye of the storm

The group alleged also that the ex-governor spent N1.2 billion on the construction of pedestrian bridges along Eti-Osa – Lekki – Epe expressway “which did not specify the number of bridges”; N17 million awarded for the provision of wall signage in ...

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Turkish Delight and Greekin' Out Part 2: Ephesus and A Letter from Courtney to the Ephesians

We decided to take it easy that day and took ... and you could read the Latin on the different ruins of buildings. That, to me, was extremely exciting. Dork alert, y'all. We paid an extra fee to enter the archaeological site of the terraced houses ...

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3D Large Sliver Modern DIY Home Decor Mirror Wall Clock Sticker

freeshippingShop 03.12.15

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