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Read a Story From Kelly Link's 'Get in Trouble'

I've left the house schedule on the counter and there should be enough gas in the car to make the rounds.” The rumor was her family'd moved full-time to Robbinsville from Lynchburg after a teacher caught Ophelia kissing another girl in the bathroom ...

blogs.wsj.com February 4, 2015

So THIS is how Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell spend their hols! JAN MOIR visits ...

Never mind the blissful climate, the clouds of honeysuckle and jasmine in the gardens and the sparkling Aegean sea near by. As Mossy knows, if On my first day I am shown to a dimly lit room containing a shower, a lavatory and a giant contraption ...

www.dailymail.co.uk August 8, 2014

Scientists engineer suicide bomber bacteria to kill other bacteria

Nazanin Saeidi and Choon Kit Wong have found a new way of killing Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an opportunistic species that thrives wherever humans are weak. It commonly infects hospital patients whose immune systems have taken a hit. It targets any tissue ...

blogs.discovermagazine.com August 16, 2011

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Kit-Cat Klock has nine lives

Made by the California Clock Co. near Los Angeles, the whimsical timepiece, which was introduced during the Depression, comes in classic black or red plastic, plus newer shades of orange, turquoise and pink. There is now also a Lady Kit-Cat, and a ...

www.sfgate.com November 30, 2007



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