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AcuRite 13027 Electric Digital LED Alarm Clock with Intelli-Time Technology

March 10, 2020

The AcuRite 13027W4 Alarm Clock features Intelli-Time Technology that makes sure your clock and alarm are accurate even after power goes out. The clock ...

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Hello Friends, Here i am going to upload a very simple digital clock project. This system contains all the basic features of a digital clock. Specifications - Common time setting keys for time and alarm setting. one switch mode selection for time and alarm. Current time and alarm time will display on same screen. Easy to set time and alarm. Modified alarm beep sound. Very easy to use and handle. This project is developed on Xilinx Spartan FPGA device using Verilog coding. For more technical...

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AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003VIEW MORE

AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003

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AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13027A2VIEW MORE

AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13027A2

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Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock with Loud Alarm | AcuRiteVIEW MORE

Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock with Loud Alarm | AcuRite

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AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003VIEW MORE

AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003

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AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm ClockVIEW MORE

AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock

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AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm ClockVIEW MORE

AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock

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