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April 17, 2018 If you're going to clock watch you may as well do it in style with one of our superb clocks. We have an extensive range of vintage style, cottage style,...

What is the best large paris wall clock?

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Modified for Manilow

web1_copy_Real-Mil-Barrynook2.jpg. Courtesy photo Singer Barry Manilow leased this Park Towers high-rise condo while he performed at Paris Las Vegas. . The suite comes with a large, hand-carved, four-poster bed with inlaid detail and matching ... April 6, 2015

Restaurants focusing on feasts for the eyes to sell dining experiences

Ishida struck a balance between the two with more classic pieces, such as the custom-made, low-back, white-vinyl banquette, which contrasted with contemporary accents in the form of large abstract paintings featuring vibrant hues and bold brushstrokes ... April 4, 2015

Portugal Takes the Fashion Stage

To understand the bulk of his fans' comments on Instagram, you'd have to be fluent in Russian, but even a quick review of the emoji posts reveals a large and adoring public. The 37-year-old former law student from Munich, whose labels for men, women, ... April 3, 2015

Senior Yemeni Sunni leaders abducted by Shiite rebels

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemeni Shiite rebels, making an aggressive bid for power in the impoverished Gulf state, arrested more than a hundred members from a rival Islamist Sunni political party, including two leaders, the party said in a statement Sunday.... April 5, 2015

Larger than life: New exhibition spotlights Israeli cinema-poster artistry

“We didn't make a wall for Ashkenazi in the exhibition, because I didn't have anything to write about him,” adds Raz. Still, the man's life's work is there to be seen in the spectacular photos of the large movie posters he created for the cinema houses ... April 1, 2015

Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?

Finkielkraut's cast of mind is generally dark, but when we met in Paris in early January, two days after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, he was positively grim. “My French identity is reinforced by the very large number of people who openly declare, often ... March 16, 2015

Detroit resident finally feels at home next to wacky public art project

A box of felt-tip markers sits on a table beside her, and steam rises temptingly from a large thermos filled with hot chocolate. The icy . Bell's house looks normal, until you look closer and see the signatures on the porch ceiling, the columns and ... March 19, 2015


Top 10 Paris Favourites


Having studied French at University and lived in the country for a while myself, I'm something of a Francophile, and with the Eurostar connection from London being so quick and convenient, there's really no reason not to visit more often ~ heck, I... One of my favourite Paris museums, not just for the art works (lots of Impressionism and a fantastic Art Nouveau gallery), but for the building. Orsay was a former Beaux-Arts railway station, built between 1898 and 1900, and re-opened as an art gallery in 1986. The space is just gorgeous inside, with the enormous guilded station clock still in place in the huge hall. There are two further clocks on the side of the building, facing the Seine. Another favourite, this is the oldest bridge in Paris with its iconic curved seating. This glorious exhibition space, which has been recently rennovated and reopened in late 2014, is well worth a visit, for the building if not for the wonderful collection of art it contains. The lighting is perfect for displaying some of Picasso's most important works.

The Cartier Exhibit

Judith Boyd

I love the blue hues in your museum look. A perfect selection of layers for what sounds like a dazzling day. Of course I love the idea of an “Icon” Room but the pieces look so spectacular. I also love your idea of collecting photos of ‘Captivating Crones’. You look royal, dressed perfectly for an exhibit of Cartier jewels. I love the word Crone and am glad you are exercising its right to respect and beauty. The crone you photographed is also definitely captivating and I look forward to this series. For someone as fascinated by jewellery as me, particular gemstones, this is dream exhibit. If only Cartier would give us Europeans a chance to see it. Your sapphire blue outfit is so appropriate among all these gems, and fantastic on you. You definitely outshine most jewellery How lovely to see more beautiful and stylish crones. Captivating Crones will be a huge success I’m sure. What a beautiful exhibit, and you are so lucky to be living in the only city that it is being shown. I have no knowledge about precious jewels like the ones in the exhibit, but I would love to see it just for the eye candy. You look like a beautiful sapphire yourself The “Captivating Crones” series sounds like a wonderful idea – Do it. What a beautiful day you had. The Captivating Crones series is a definite must.

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j.e. shea

There was a smell of dry pine needles from Christmas trees tossed there months ago, amid discarded fast food wrappers and stray debris. A brick wall and sidewalks nearby were cluttered with posters from municipal elections last month, the runoff elections scheduled for April. In 2013, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago launched a study of small businesses. The study’s grid of pre- and post-recession sentiment showed an expansion of negative to neutral everywhere except for the lakefront. Elements of that were present in West Town last month. The neighborhood is near Ukrainian Village and Wicker Park, an area from the highway to Damen, where scruffy upstarts have given way to sports clubs and yogurt shops. Bars and independent cafés there were a sanctuary for people seeking a less corporate ambiance. Swim Café was one of those places, managed by a friendly woman named Karen. The café had a motley staff with a tendency to offer free food and chat with customers. It closed in December of 2013. The shop was empty until February of last year. That store is the Awake Café, owned by Harry and Deb McKinney.

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Big Bosch penalty inflicts a first ever European knock-out defeat on Johnny Sexton

WITH THE CLOCK gone red, Argentine centre Marcelo Bosch launched a last-gasp 45 metre kick into the Paris wind. It went too high for the ... The writing appeared to be on the wall for Sarries 10 minutes later when Racing again restricted their attack ... April 5, 2015


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... Fleur De Lis French Country Tuscan Style 29 Large Paris Wall Clock

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Large Paris Wall ClockVIEW MORE

Large Paris Wall Clock

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Large Round Industrial 60cm Paris Wall Clock

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Redding Wall Clock Distressed Off White Finish - Large 28''

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Home » Bistro De Paris Extra Large Multi Coloured Metal Wall Clock

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Large 24.5 French Hotel Paris Wall Clock - Vintage French Antique ...

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