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How to make a giant rustic wall clock

January 15, 2018

I show you how to make a really large rustic wall clock from reclaimed pallet wood and a clock movement found on amazon. This project requires a Pallet, a hammer, a jig saw, a drill, some...

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Couple cut commute, create tranquil workspace at home

Julie: The family room has terra cotta walls and a Tuscan gold accent wall. The rec room walls are neutral, but there's one accent wall that's a red Julie: In the family room there is a little table, and in my studio I have an old clock, an upright ... April 10, 2015

Colombia's treasures revealed

In one shadowy room, a large, intricate-looking object stood out, glowing in the dark. It turned out to be a piece of In fact, “Gabo” was everywhere, in street art, sculptures, plaques and a timeline adorning the entire outside wall of a huge ... April 10, 2015

Day of fun and nostalgia in the Queen City

Brian Tuck still had one big step to take before he was parade-ready this morning. Ten o'clock Opening Day morning, and the patio of Arnold's Bar and Grille is packed: a sea of historic Reds jerseys and ball caps. Larkin. He wore his latest ... April 6, 2015

Piece of the Past: Exhibit Highlights Sharon's History

Opposite is Hillside Cemetery, a burying ground featuring many Victorian-period markers and surrounded by a stone wall with gateposts and a Gothic-style chapel. Along South Main Street intersecting with Cornwall Road stands the Clock Tower, built in as ... April 5, 2015

Peirce Mansion volunteers finish latest phase of restoration

SIOUX CITY | Joan Schurtz marvels at the beige wall she plastered and the wood floor she cleaned and polished as rays of light stream through stained glass windows in the Peirce Mansion's third-floor ballroom on Tuesday morning. "The floor was black ... April 4, 2015

Two pro soccer players at opposite ends of the monetary turf

Orlando City is losing its first game in Major League Soccer 1-0 with less than a minute on the clock. // A wall of defenders waits 10 yards in front of him. The goalie squats low, hands stretched wide. // For every reason, Kaká is the guy you want ... April 1, 2015

Dine Out Maine: The Miss Portland Diner

Who can resist the multicolored tile and endless chrome, the Fiesta Ware-like mugs and plates, the swivel stools parading down the length of the counter and the vintage blue-and-silver “Worcester Diners” clock on the wall? Customers are unfolding ... March 30, 2015


Adventure of the Week: Voodoo Island (1985)


This week, I'm tackling a vintage text adventure game whose quality belies its generic title: M. J. Sayer's Voodoo Island , published by Mindscape via Angelsoft, Inc. The game was published for the Apple II and IBM PC computers -- I'm playing the Apple II version here, though I had to detour into the IBM PC edition to check out an issue. ) The company's prose was solid enough, but the Angelsoft engine (at least on the Apple II) is notably slow to respond, with lots of clunky disk access for text and no apparent cacheing. ) Angelsoft's biggest issue may have been timing -- the company was active from 1985 to 1987, when the commercial text adventure market was starting to fade. I can easily recommend this game to avid adventurers, but I will warn you that the game has a design flaw that blocked my progress for a couple of hours trying to figure out what I'd done wrong. ) I should also tell you that, if you plan to visit Voodoo Island yourself, the game's copious prose displays more clearly and runs faster on the IBM PC than on the Apple II. Beyond this point, gentle reader, there are sure to be. ***** SPOILERS...

Light As Air


A small, red-brick building is tucked away round a corner. it has a ye-olde swinging sign attached to the wall and everything. It isn’t in the guidebooks – you’re more likely to end up there because some bloke in a dimly-lit pub offered you a recommendation. It looks like it’s been transplanted from a small village where the crime rate is less than zero and it wins Britain in Bloom every year. Well, except for the graffiti next to the front windows. Adrian has been attempting to remove the words Call Stacey for a good time for several minutes now. He has absolutely no idea why this artist has foregone their usual venue of public toilets for a small, slightly quaint bookshop exterior, but that’s not his concern. And why did the graffitier seem to think that using mustard yellow was a good idea. He’ll have to eventually, but if he doesn’t, he can maybe spend two more minutes pretending this isn’t happening. Paul is making surprisingly fast progress, considering his short legs – he’s five-six, and that’s on a good day – and his face is not quite.

Pro Sports Fight Songs: MLB

Paul Lukas

But if you’re not a Mets fan, no problem — I have found many, many more team-specific fight songs, and over the next week or two we’re going to check out a bunch of them. With the MLB season having started last night and kicking into high gear today, we’re going to begin today with MLB fight songs. Some quick ground rules: I ignored adopted songs, like how “Chelsea Dagger” is now a Blackhawks song and “Sweet Caroline” is an anthem for Red Sox Nation. Those songs don’t make references to those teams and were their own pieces of music before being attached to sports. I ignored team remixes to popular songs, because nearly every team has its own terrible version of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow. ” I also didn’t include fan-made songs because any yutz can make an EDM beat on his laptop and lay over some half-baked lyrics. Okay, let’s get into it. This was such a great time — bumped into lots of friends, many of whom I hadn’t seen in years, and made some new friends too. It’s actually a bit sad that a simple indie-rock show, which used to be a staple of my life, now qualifies as a Major Event, but the music scene has changed a lot over the years, and most NYC “music” clubs now seem more interested in hosting... Well a friend of mine named Steve Goodman wrote that song.


Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Review

Corneliamn 08.28.14

Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Review Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Easy-to-read analog displayWith Night light bottomStainless metalVintageTable

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