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Trevor Booker Sinks the Craziest Circus Shot of the Year!

July 15, 2018

Trevor Booker manages to beat the shot clock with the backwards, no-look tap shot. About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in ...

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Movie clock: 'Ted 2,' 'Max' and 'Magic Mike XXL'

“Dope” (R) : Life changes for Malcolm, a geek who's surviving life in a tough neighborhood, after a chance invitation to an underground party leads him and his friends into a Los Angeles adventure. Local theaters: Cinemaworld 16, Majestic 11 Vero ...

www.floridatoday.com June 24, 2015

How trainer gets spent LeBron James from one Herculean effort to next

Vitti was facing the same kind of cross-country turnaround Mancias had with James -- an overnight flight from LA to Indianapolis and less than 48 hours between Games 2 and 3. "The beauty of that sprain was that we were together," Vitti said. "We went ...

www.cbssports.com June 10, 2015

'We're Out Of Time' — So Says Chargers Stadium Spokesman

There is nothing left that the city of San Diego can do to solve the stadium issue before the NFL owners vote on whether to allow the Chargers to move to Los Angeles, Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani said. “Obviously, we're out of time for 2015 ...

www.kpbs.org June 18, 2015

The Time of Their Lives

This is one of Don Draper's favorite questions. When you're trying to sell people something, what are you really selling them? Answer: not the product, not the thing itself. What people buy is the pleasure they hope to experience, the relief from a ...

time.com May 13, 2015

B.B. Kings Best Songs: A Playlist

This song was a staple of King's concerts, and his version at Cook County is riveting. Here he wins over a tough audience that was certain it already knew how blue things could get. This album reached the top of the Billboard R&B chart and stayed there ...

www.thedailybeast.com May 15, 2015

Report: Blue Jackets pick Mike Reilly to test free agency

Reilly's 30-day clock has started according to McKenzie, but having already notified the Blue Jackets he's going the free agent route, it appears the negotiating window is irrelevant. Other teams cannot sign Reilly until August, however. This situation ...

www.cbssports.com May 17, 2015

Getting primal with Mark Sisson

He reads by a lamp that uses a special yellow light bulb so that the body's natural clock is unaffected — and before long he's drifting off to sleep. The goal, he said, is to go to bed so early and sleep so soundly that he wakes up refreshed and ...

www.latimes.com February 28, 2015


Movie clock: 'Ted 2,' 'Max' and 'Magic Mike XXL' - Florida Today

Local theaters: Satellite Cinemas Titusville, Satellite Beach Cinemas, Cinemaworld 16, Majestic 11 Vero Beach, Merritt Square 16, Carmike West Melbourne 12, Avenue 16, Oaks 10, Indian River 24. “Max” (PG): A dog that helped Marines in Afghanistan... Local theaters: Satellite Cinemas Titusville, Cinemaworld 16, Majestic 11 Vero Beach, Merritt Square 16, Carmike West Melbourne 12, Avenue 16, Oaks 10, Indian River 24. “Faith of Our Fathers” (PG-13): With the Vietnam War raging in 1969, two young... Local theaters: Cinemaworld 16. “Terminator: Genisys” (PG-13): John Connor sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor, but when he arrives in 1984, nothing is as he expected it to be. Local theaters: Satellite Cinemas Titusville,... Local theaters: Satellite Cinemas Titusville, Satellite Beach Cinemas, Cinemaworld 16, Oaks 10, Merritt Square 16, Indian River 24, Majestic 11 Vero Beach, Avenue 16, Carmike West Melbourne 12. Opening in all theaters Thursday, July 2. “Me and...

'We're Out Of Time' — So Says Chargers Stadium Spokesman - KPBS

In dueling interviews on KPBS Midday Edition, the San Diego city attorney and a spokesman for the Chargers took opposing stances in the battle over a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers . There is nothing left that the city of San Diego can do... "And if the NFL owners in their judgment decide to move ahead with Los Angeles in 2015, then, no, it’s hard to see how anything can happen. On the other hand, if for whatever reason the Los Angeles decision was delayed by NFL owners for another year, which is certainly possible — it may not be likely but it’s possible — then, of course, you have another year to work on it. ”. City... Goldsmith told KPBS that the city “hasn’t even started” negotiating with the Chargers over who will pay for what, and that the plans for the new stadium can’t move ahead unless the Chargers are willing to be at the table. The two men disagreed over whether an environmental impact report, which is required by California law, could be complete before a public vote on the stadium is held in January. Goldsmith said the study began June 1 and that experts who work on these studies told the city it could be finished by Oct.

B.B. Kings Best Songs: A Playlist - Daily Beast

King, who died Thursday night at age 89, was a famous blues star in an age that had mostly forgotten about the blues. But King’s talent was too large to remain confined in a niche music genre. And let’s not forget his extraordinary voice—King possessed one of the finest blues/R&B voices of modern times, and could have been a star solely on the basis of his singing skills. Above all, B. B. King was a tireless road warrior, bringing the blues to audiences all over the world, and sometimes playing more than 200 gigs during the course of a year. Blues music doesn’t get much radio airplay, and even a venerated king of the genre rarely appears on TV or generates impressive YouTube metrics. So here’s a quick tour of eight of my favorite B. B. King tracks. If you haven’t heard B. B. King before, his live recording on November 21, 1964 at Chicago’s Regal Theater is the place to start. The whole album is electrifying, and will show you why this artist packed concert halls all over the world even as the blues faded from mainstream culture. Check out the opening track “Every Day I Have the Blues” and feel the excitement surging through the audience. This song was a staple of King’s concerts, and his version at Cook County is riveting. (3) “Three O’Clock Blues”.

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MLB Insider: Open-minded Manfred needs to fix Rays, A’s first

Rob Manfred has only been on the job for seven months, and eventually controversy is going to come across the desk of baseball’s new commissioner ... With interest again strong for an NFL franchise in Los Angeles, the Raiders’ need for a new home ...

www.star-telegram.com July 17, 2015

News, notes for Summer League Wednesday: Willie Cauley-Stein active, still learning NBA game

It was a scary moment when Kings’ No. 6 pick Willie Cauley-Stein left the game ... were absent from Summer League on Wednesday because they were all in Los Angeles for the ESPYs. Winslow is not playing anymore for the Heat this summer; it is unclear ...

probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com July 16, 2015

Sacramento Kings sign Luc Mbah a Moute

The Sacramento Kings signed forwards Luc Mbah a Moute and Omri Casspi ... Nuggets: Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson has been arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol — his second DUI arrest this year.

www.delawareonline.com July 14, 2015

The Trouble With Recording Joy

Well, in Los Angeles, things changed. Davis milled within the diminishing ... to the blaring of a television from the British expat’s bedroom across the apartment. The digital clock-radio read 3:48 a.m. The space was laid out with Davis’s bedroom ...

www.brooklynrail.org July 13, 2015

Vintage videogames for walls

In a similar vein, Chris McCullough, 40, a Los Angeles architectural designer who creates art ... Rita Balcom, makes intricate wall clocks and desk clocks out of old hard drives and motherboards. A few years ago, for example, their company, Tecoart ...

www.deccanherald.com July 9, 2015

The Latest: South Carolina governor says 'it is a new day'

The chamber voted 111-3 to keep debating as the clock moved toward midnight ... There are six more amendments on the desk after more than two dozen were withdrawn. Pitts said he is friends with many House members in both parties, and he hopes they can ...

www.myfoxla.com July 9, 2015

LA Kings Terminate Richards’ Contract

LOS ANGELES—It’s done. On June 29, the Los Angeles Kings announced that they have parted ways with Mike Richards, officially terminating his contract. In a statement by the organization, they cited Richards’ “material breach of the requirements of ...

www.canyon-news.com June 29, 2015


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