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Summertime Blues 2004

We remain anxious that a poor run of results will undermine what progress we have made in previous years and many of us wish that a rich entrepreneur will arrive on his white charger and elevate us back into the elite band of clubs at the top of the ... July 6, 2015

Five Hostages

The Bradleys' gracious Georgian town house, on Embassy Row, is one of the city's salons: reporters and politicians cross paths at off-the-record dinners with Supreme Court Justices, software billionaires, and heads of state. .. During that period ... June 24, 2015

Monitor multiple time zones from your desktop with the Windows clock

Windows has so many handy little features hidden all over the place, you can often forget they're there and until someone reminds you. Here's a reminder. Since I work overseas, I have to keep track of several times zones so that I know when my editors ... July 25, 2014

How To Add Multiple Time Zone Clocks in Vista and Windows 7

BYTE -- Here's how to add and display clocks for multiple time zones in Vista and Windows 7. First, click on the Now when you click on the Clock in on the Task Bar, you will see the clocks you added and what time it is in those locations. If you ... July 11, 2011

Mecca Becomes A Mecca For Skyscraper Hotels

Cranes fill the sky and soaring above it all is the Clock Tower Hotel, which reaches some 130 stories. To build it, the city literally blew up a mountain that once overlooked the Grand Mosque nestled in the valley between peaks. This building spree has ... May 30, 2015

Roon is must-have software for hardcore music fans

The Roon music server runs on either a PC or a Mac, but it can manage your music library wherever it's located on your network: on the computer's hard drive, on a NAS box, or in folders on multiple networked devices. And you can establish multiple user ... May 20, 2015

McConnell's terse backing of Bevin shows rift?

During the race, McConnell used his multi-million-dollar television campaign to call Bevin "dishonest," dubbed him "Bailout Bevin," and said he wasn't "a Kentucky conservative." His aides called Bevin an "east coast con-man." Bevin called McConnell a ... May 30, 2015

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Symmetricom Announces Latest Version of Free, Multi-Zone Desktop Time Utility

Symmetricom, Inc. (NASDAQ ... today announced SymmTime™ 2008, a free multi-zone desktop time utility. Easy to set up and use, SymmTime 2008 automatically synchronizes your system clock through the Internet to any accessible Network Time Protocol ... February 26, 2008


Jumbl JUMMINILED Super Bright Mini Gooseneck Multi-Task Desk Lamp Review

Vutorankim 05.04.15

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