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Forget Duffy, Canadians need to wake up to Harper's true incompetence -...

While Canada’s PM was abandoning any ideological high ground by sucking around for a meeting with Castro, the federal cabinet was congratulating itself for its “world-class” reaction to an oil spill in the waters off Vancouver’s legendary Stanley... This is the same bunch that patted themselves on the back for losing, along with the government of Ontario, $3. 5 billion of taxpayers’ money invested in the auto industry in 2009. Sound fiscal management, right. Or is it suddenly sound government policy to pay for operating costs by selling off capital — balancing the budget by selling GM shares exactly when most of the experts advised that hanging on to them was a better course. It should be noted that the oil spill, from a brand new ship on its maiden voyage, happened in calm waters. If Mother Nature had been having a bad hair day, things would have been much worse — two tonnes of toxic sludge sloshing hither and yon looking for ducks to coat and gills to clog. had it been oozing from a ruptured tanker instead of a leaking grain ship. had it been the Burrard Inlet instead of English Bay, well, let’s just put it this way: it would have been way worse than Sharknado 3. Six hours went by before skimming operations began. And while workers from other first responders showed up, Transport Canada and Environment Canada were apparently still looking for their gumboots ashore.

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Alarm clock lets partner carry on sleeping even when 'snuggling' -...

December 31, 1969
"This is the experience we're trying to replicate with Wake . There's nothing about waking up that should be 'alarming'. "Many spouses hate their partners' alarm even more than they do, and we think this is something we can fix too. "Our technology can isolate one person at a time, providing this more natural wake-up experience without disturbing the other person in bed. The company is crowdfunding the design on website Kickstarter and has already raised around £25,000 of the £66,000 needed to get the clock to market. It works without cameras, instead using a sensor to locate the user by their body heat, and features a parametric speaker that focuses sound into a very narrow beam to emit a gentle noise that grows louder as a white LED light shines brighter on... Once secured to the wall above the bed, Wake silently pivots to direct its concentrated light beam, which Lucera Labs call a "personal sunrise", to wake one or both partners at a time they choose.

Nadia Forde's ex says there's nothing personal about music snub: 'It sounds...

December 31, 1969
But Noble has insisted there is no "personal" reason her music isn't played, instead saying it was the quality of the songs. If it was a brilliant song, of course we'd be playing Nadia's song. It just sounds like a Eurovision song. Forde said yesterday, while promoting her 3e reality show Nadia: Chasing The Dream, that the station hasn't played her new single, Stuck, or her earlier release BPM. Nadia pointed out that it was "weird" and said "they even played my new song Stuck on BBC Radio 2". But an FM104 spokesperson said there was "no way we would let a former relationship affect our product". When asked about Nadia's comments they said that her music isn't the right "fit" for the station. "There is no ban on Nadia's records at FM104," they said. "What we have are a team who look after the music and Nadia's music might not fit with our play-list.