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Is it Parquetry or Marquetry?

December 3, 2019

Often asked this question and even though the techniques are the same in many ways. The end result is classified in different ways. Hope this shines some light ...

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Minnesota is having a cultural moment. Proponents are pushing to have the state redesignated as part of “the North,” a region separate from the Midwest, whose hardy and industrious inhabitants are molded and inspired by its extremely cold weather ...

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E. Howard & Company No. 47 wall-hanging astronomical regulator soars to a ...

A rare and unusual French industrial animated torpedo clock, mounted on a green onyx base alongside a compass and barometer, fetched $39,325.00. The clock's silvered torpedo-shaped case had gilt brass trimmings and a 2 ½ inch silvered dial with black ...

www.artfixdaily.com December 5, 2014

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Old Modern Handicraft Gimbaled Compass On Tristand

This is a fully functional gimbaled compass. It is made of high quality brass with a silver tinted finish. Each component is crafted with the finest craftsmanship. Compass, body, and tri stand is made of solid brass while other parts are made of brass strip.

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

Old Modern Handicraft Gimbaled Compass

This is a fully functional gimbaled compass. It is made of high quality brass tinted with a golden glow. Each component is crafted with the finest craftsmanship. Available in shiny brass finish. This compass is a great addition to any nautical collection.

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013


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