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April 17, 2018

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What is the best personalized photo wall clocks?

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Michigan's Jim Harbaugh offers lecture in Philosophy 101

If you're sensing a potential endorsement deal, consider the personalized rocking chair, a gift last month from the company's headquarters sent after Harbaugh tweeted about a night out at the restaurant with his daughter Addie. Harbaugh could — and ... April 4, 2015

Other teams taking the floor in Energy Prize competition

This blog is supported by the Holland Home Energy Retrofit Task Force. As part of Holland's long-range Community Energy Plan, a group of citizens and municipal, utility, community and environmental organizations have formed the Home Energy Retrofit .... March 30, 2015

An Engineer Creates for Fun After a Lifetime of Workaday Rules

I don't need your rockin' chair,. Your Geritol or your Medicare. Well, I still got neon in my veins;. This gray hair don't mean a thing. I do my rockin' on the stage. —George Jones,. country singer, 1931-2013. BETHESDA, Md. LINING the steep flagstone ... February 20, 2015

At Oregon, Signing Day Goes Beyond A List of New Recruits To The Football Team

High up on a wall inside the Moshofsky Center, the red digits of a clock read 8:40 on Wednesday morning when the first shrill burst rang out from the whistle of UO coach Mark Helfrich. On cue, returning members of the Oregon football team – assembled ... February 4, 2015

B&B brings touch of Italy to PC

The dining room wall is covered by a mural of Italy hand-drawn by Deborah, classical Italian music is always playing, and a small garden near the bird sanctuary grows every herb imaginable and a few fruits are served with the three-course candlelit ... March 9, 2015

How to turn your favorite photos into personalized gifts

Video: Robyn Moreno shows Kathie Lee and Hoda creative, clever ways to transform your digital photos into distinctive holiday gifts. Americans take nearly 80 billion photos each year — and Transform your best Instagram photos into home decor using ... December 11, 2014

Washington County woman lost her eyesight, not her 'vision'

of Midway, Washington County. “I rolled back over to my left side to see the clock, but I couldn't see the digital display, I couldn't see it. With her hand on the wall, she passed her roommates' doors and approached the dining area. She ... February 28, 2015


Master bedroom Layout Recommendations

galang sulaiman

You could possibly the cargo area is the contented method to remainder rather than divan, seats, area rugs, and even more. This kind of and then the actual your bed like items which have got to really exist divorce lawyers atlanta residence. The majority while relocating for a unique residence, typically the locations happen to be initial be aware could be the rooms together with his your bed. Think just for young people happen to be stressed, then that location is definitely the your bed. In case we live definitely not wonderful cargo box, grubby, unpleasant, and the like, naturally , will help make your bunk beds do not carry out the very features typically. Get base structure can be extremely difficult since it is going to pipe time and energy specially when we will need to layout some bed furniture for the dearest small children. For this, heading to critique examples of the variety of your bed and also rooms ideal to enable them to possess a feature that we all really want. You require a bit understanding of design and style so no company on pinpointing the form and even placement with the cargo box. Right here is kind of your bed throughout the game blend.

A Tale Of Two Marathons, or, It’s Always Running In Philadelphia


The day began early, with a 4am breakfast of pasta, porridge and bananas (eaten separately, I might add). The race start was set for 7am, and we had been advised to get there at least 90 minutes beforehand, in order to accommodate for security checkpoints and baggage drops. In fact, our pre-race scheduling was a little too on point: we reached the start line in frigid temperatures a whole two hours before the gun was due to go off. Thus began a long struggle to stay warm. Thankfully, the air warmed as the crowds thickened and we made it standing to our designated start-line corrals. Hannah and I said our goodbyes and good lucks and focused on our own game plans as the clock ticked towards the hour. The start line was buzzing but oddly, no one was talking. The first seven miles didn’t feel like running at all. I’d been told by everyone to watch my speed in the early stages and not to let the occasion get to me. So I went out slightly behind my target pace, knowing that I would then have the energy to make up the time later on. The route-side support was... We hadn’t brought any people with us, but our bibs had our names printed, so there was plenty of personalized chanting.

College Vs. The Real Word (Or, What College Is Vs. What College Should Be)

Katie Brennan

Like many of my fellow post-grad twenty-somethings, I often reminisce about my college days as if they were a distant utopian dream that I’m not 100% sure was actually real. Even when I think back to all-nighters in the library and OMG midterms and finals week (. ), the memories are sparkly and glittery and wonderful, the way I’d imagine a teenage boy might remember a pillow fight he once had with his older sister’s... Sure, he got a black eye and his sister’s friends all figured he was gay, but in his memory the scene lives on as a feathery, slow motion, unparalleled moment of glory. And while there may have been challenges and bumps in the road, there weren’t really CHALLENGES or bumps. At least not the kind that slap you in the face faster than you can say, “John Mayer, your twisted theory about the real world not being a thing was so, so wrong you sick, sick man. ), and having successfully managed to screw up an impressive number of life things since leaving the Disneyland that was my alma mater, I’ve started to wonder: Why was I so unprepared for the second puberty that is young adulthood. I studied, got good grades, learned the value of a dollar, interacted with humans in a semi-professional manner on most weekdays, and was an overall nice person deserving of moderately good real world karma. Why have I had such a hard time being a real-life adult person.


Personalized Boys Robots Wall Clock, Children Room Decor, Nursery Wall Art Review

Elaneyqu 12.30.14

Personalized Boys Robots Wall Clock, Children Room Decor, Nursery Wall Art Review Personalized Boys Robots Wall Clock, Children Room Decor, Nursery Wall Art Measurements approximately 10.62" Diameter and 0.14" highThe printed is adhered to the wood, This quality print come with brilliant laminated.The edges are painted dark color in order to make the perfect ending to the wall clock.Our kid-friendly wall clocks are for indoor use only.All wall clocks can be clean...

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