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3dRose Danita Delimont - Birds - Ring-necked Pheasant Crowing - 6x6 Desk Clock (dc_258046_1)VIEW DETAILS

3dRose Danita Delimont - Birds - Ring-necked Pheasant Crowing - 6x6 Desk Clock (dc_258046_1)

Ring-necked Pheasant Crowing Desk Clock is a wonderful complement to any room in your home or office. Made of durable...

3dRose Danita Delimont - Birds - Ring necked pheasant on a country road, Sacramento NWR, California - 6x6 Desk Clock (dc_258875_1)VIEW DETAILS

3dRose Danita Delimont - Birds - Ring necked pheasant on a country road, Sacramento NWR, California - 6x6 Desk Clock (dc_258875_1)

Ring necked pheasant on a country road, Sacramento NWR, California Desk Clock is a wonderful complement to any room...


How to make an Ocean Table // Concrete and Epoxy Resin

May 17, 2018

I made a concrete/epoxy table that looks like a cross section of the ocean! Subscribe to my channel: Second Channel: ...

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Doc's TML: Farewell in advance, Johnny Cueto

Later that day, at the park by the river, Lucy flushed a pheasant from the tall grass. It damned near decapitated me, before veering off at the last millisecond. Rabbits are everywhere. I scooped three babies from my vegetable patch Sunday. I'm seeing ... June 15, 2015

Fungi: Food never really goes bad, does it?

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Desktop Alerts; Log in; Create Account. $USERNAME. Desktop Notifications; Profile · Settings; Logout .. World's last male northern white rhino under round-the-clock armed guard in Rangers protect three of the five remaining northern white rhinos ... April 14, 2015

Young hunter demonstrates skill in turkey shooting

The young hunter also got a deer last year and is looking forward to going to South Dakota pheasant hunting this year now that he has completed the hunter-education requirement for that state. He also likes to play baseball and basketball at school ... April 23, 2015

Couple's conservation legacy takes flight to Arizona

In those days, if people were able to see live pheasants and ducks, it was a big deal. "Now you had a young kid stand up and make a pitch that raptors and predators are really part of a healthy functioning ecosystem,"said Paul, whose hobby became a ... May 29, 2015


Doc's TML: Farewell in advance, Johnny Cueto - (blog)

A little more than a year later, Cueto made his major league debut, April 3, 2008 , when he went 7 innings, allowed one hit and struck out 10 D-Backs. He's never been one for romance or introspection, so he didn't get all nostalgic. The little-kid joy that makes Pete so appealing is ebbing, worn down by age and, possibly, the growing realization that reinstatement and/or HOF induction is one game he isn't going to win. I think Pete is very much a live-in-the-moment creation , who never had time to look back (except when recounting his base hits) or desire to look ahead. As he has aged, I think he sees the flaw in that philosophy, and that not all bad circumstances can be changed simply because he's Pete Rose. I think that weighs on him now, every bit as much as his advancing years and creaky knees.

Fungi: Food never really goes bad, does it? -

Meager, if you're tagging along with Middlesex-based naturalist Mike Ather. Last weekend, during a tour of edible and medicinal plants near the banks of the Winooski River, it became clear that Ather promotes a much broader view of planetary health than salads, decoctions and tonics. Ather paused while munching a nettle. He bade us to consider, a few centimeters beneath our feet, the billions of threads of fungi — fungal hyphae — that knit together acres and acres of land. "They convey information between plants and respond to their calls for nutrients," Ather said. "They respond to pressure from your feet. Tend to the needs of fungi, and you participate in a rich, planetary symbiosis, he mused. Then Ather became practical: "If there's any one thing that you can do to help heal the Earth, it's to add compost to the soil. Ather, a Master Composter certified through University of Vermont Extension, is one of dozens of people in the state who are determined to show us the merits — and the appeal — of getting our hands just a little bit dirtier.

Young hunter demonstrates skill in turkey shooting - Springfield News-Leader

For that was when he shot his first wild turkey gobbler. It wasn't just a turkey gobbler he shot, it was also a bird with 10 beards, scoring 179. 25 by the National Wild Turkey Records, making it the third highest score in Missouri and ninth in the nation. Kooper entered his bird in the 13th annual youth turkey hunt contest at Walt's Archery & Gun, Stockton, to be scored. His mother, Melody, said they spent the rest of the day taking photos and showing off the record bird. " Kooper has been using his turkey call all day," she said. The hunt unfolded just like a turkey hunter would like. Rick Bay, Kooper's dad, Kooper and his brother-in-law, Kevin Sawyer, hit the woods just before sunrise and set up in a spot where they had heard turkeys. Rick said, "We had seven or eight turkeys gobbling and knew there were plenty of turkeys in the area. We were close to some birds, but when they flew off the roost, they went in a different direction where another hunter was calling. After sitting there for about two or three minutes, they came around the corner and when they saw our decoys, they went back into the woods, but after more calling the gobblers started moving towards us. I told Kooper to take the second bird...

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Outdoors: NBC's Tom Brokaw stumps for pheasant hunting

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Apple Desktop Talking Alarm Clock Thermometer

Jovani Jory 07.18.15

Apple Desktop Talking Alarm Clock Thermometer


Biba's Northern Italian Cooking

Penguin.2002.ISBN: 1440623910,9781440623912.256 pages.

Even if your mama wasn't born in Italy, you know how authentic Italian food...

Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant?

Bloomsbury Publishing USA.2014.ISBN: 9781620406380,1620406381.240 pages.

#1 New York Times Bestseller 2014 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST In her first...

Ripley Bogle

Arcade Publishing.1989.ISBN: 1559704241,9781559704243.325 pages.

Self-styled bum and Belfast nomad, Ripley Bogle wanders the streets of...

Field & Stream

1993.120 pages.

FIELD & STREAM, America’s largest outdoor sports magazine, celebrates the...