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Lanterns :: Chapter 13

where all the scars from the nevers and maybes die
I crossed my arms on the windowsill of my hotel room and leaned forward, propping my chin on my wrists. In the distance I could see the lights on the Ferris wheel down near Corio Bay as it spun lazily, and when I looked down over the windowsill I could see cars driving along Myers Street, headlights slicing their way through the darkness. It was late, and I was exhausted after what had felt like one of the longest days of my life, but I needed to take a few moments for myself before I went to bed. In the morning the Victorian regional leg of the Shout It Out tour was due to begin, and with it would come the inevitable insanity that always accompanied a Hanson tour. Only this time, I wasn’t just part of the teeming masses of fans that packed concert venues and tagged along to television and radio stations. He was sitting on the edge of one of the two beds in our hotel room, squinting at me through the lamplight. “C’mon, bedtime – got an early start in the morning. “I hate early mornings,” I grumbled as I got up from my perch at the window and wandered across to my bed, being careful not to bang my shins on the coffee table that sat between the lounge and the desk. I eyed him with one eyebrow raised. “So says he who wakes up at half-past four two mornings a week to go surfing before TAFE,” I said. Taylor’s only response to this was a half-hearted scowl, before getting to his feet and planting a kiss on my forehead.

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Week Fourteen, April 9, 2015

(Carol) December 31, 1969
This is where I'm going to post pics of my stitching. Note: Please do not ask me to send charts to you electronically. I respect and adhere to copyright laws, and in so doing, to send you an electronically reproduced chart would put me and you in violation of those laws. Similarly, I will not request charts from visitors to this blog. I met a quilt guild member at the radio station this AM and she was stitching on some EGA charity gifts which really intrigued me. The chapter she belongs to does little framed samplers to give to Habitat for Humanity recipients and they are in... That will give me a little variety and me a break from the continual black-and-blue-and- green-itis which might be the cause of my lack of desire to stitch.

Remember Scarborough!

Becky Farmer December 31, 1969
In December 1914 an Oldham traveller, Mr W. T. Hirst (employed by Hirst Bros. Knowing that all windows had to be opened when any firing commenced I got on a chair and was in the act of opening the window when a second flash occurred and the roof of the house opposite the hotel was taken off. With another traveller I went to the front door to see what was going on. A shell burst on a house further up the street and the concussion from it knocked me and the other traveller against each other and we both fell in the hall, being stunned... In Victoria Road all the houses were either hit or shaken and there was not a single window intact. I picked up several pieces of shell. Scarborough had just been shelled for an hour and a half by two German battleships, the Derfflinger and Von der Tann. Meanwhile, three other German battleships, the Seydlitz , Blücher and Moltke, had opened their attack on Hartlepool at 8. 10am. Mrs Jane Whitehead from Delph was living at the Alma Hotel, Whitby Road, Hartlepool with her husband, Lees, and her... Thinking that it was much louder than normal I went out into the street and saw the commotion. Whilst I was talking a shell burst right over my head sending splinters in all directions.