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Going Places, Near & Far: A Perfect Day in Athens

Also, there is an astonishing special exhibit," The Antikythera Mechanism," about an astrological clock invented in 150-100 BC - centuries before Columbus used an astrolobe to explore the globe - that could predict planetary events 19 years ahead ... May 21, 2015

Michael Andrew is on a mission

Michael's head disappears under the water, his body pulled in a ball tight against the wall. He presses off, and you're sure his feet are going to .. When he finally touched the wall, the clock read 2:11.50. He got out of the water but didn't look ... April 27, 2015

Hope fades for 4 lost at sea after storm blasts Alabama regatta

Coast Guard rescue teams were racing the clock Monday in the search for four people believed missing in Alabama's Mobile Bay since a storm late Saturday tore through a sailboat regatta. At least two people were killed. Randy Rutledge and Rhonda ... April 27, 2015

With dam gone, fish return to Maryland's fresh waters

BISHOPVILLE, Md. -- Roman Jesien's trophy fish was a little less than 10 inches long. He found it at the top of the fish passage that has replaced the Bishopville dam. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and other organizations told him ... April 17, 2015

Cease-fire begins in Ukraine as do fears it may not last

Prospects for a lasting truce were shaky as a cease-fire went into effect Sunday in Ukraine, where fighting grew fiercer ahead of the deadline and hopes for a halt to the violence dimmed. Ukraine government troops and Russian-backed separatists were ... February 14, 2015

Ukraine brigade worried over rebel movements despite truce

MARIUPOL, Ukraine — While the cease-fire is mostly holding around this strategic port city in far eastern Ukraine, Russian-backed forces appear to be preparing for another major offensive in coming weeks, a spokesman for the volunteer Azov Brigade ... March 7, 2015

Fighting still rages in east Ukraine despite cease-fire

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The Ukrainian government and the separatist rebels blamed each other Friday for violating a fragile cease-fire dozens of times, sparking fears of wider hostilities in war-torn eastern Ukraine. A Ukrainian military spokesman said ... February 20, 2015


Gardman 8450 Giant Roman Numeral Wall Clock, 21-1/2-Inch Review

Jeaninev3h 01.14.15

Gardman 8450 Giant Roman Numeral Wall Clock, 21-1/2-Inch Review