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Seiko Mantel Chime Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak tambour CaseVIEW DETAILS

Seiko Mantel Chime Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak tambour Case

Curve appeal is achieved in this display clock! Crafted with solid brown oak the rounded tambour case adds...

Seiko Round Wood Finish Wall ClockVIEW DETAILS

Seiko Round Wood Finish Wall Clock

This round wall clock brings warmth and sophistication to the home as well as office space. Classically designed, it...

Seiko 2 Square, Compact & Lightweight Bedside Alarm ClockVIEW DETAILS

Seiko 2" Square, Compact & Lightweight Bedside Alarm Clock

Wake up to this compact, light-weight alarm clock. The design is functional and sophisticated with silver tone bezel...

Seiko 11 Brushed Metal Wall ClockVIEW DETAILS

Seiko 11" Brushed Metal Wall Clock

Combining simplicity and functionality, this clock blends into any style of décor. With a sturdy case, it features...

Seiko 5 Bedside Alarm Clock with Dial Light, Beep & SoozeVIEW DETAILS

Seiko 5" Bedside Alarm Clock with Dial Light, Beep & Sooze

Stay on schedule with this alarm clock. It features a silver case with a plastic cover. The beep alarm comes complete...

Seiko Wall Clock Quiet Sweep Second Hand Clock Silver-Tone Metallic CaseVIEW DETAILS

Seiko Wall Clock Quiet Sweep Second Hand Clock Silver-Tone Metallic Case

Sleek and simple, the Seiko Wall Clock is distinguished by its modern quiet-sweep design. Constructed with a square...

Seiko 12 Round Wood Classic Wall ClockVIEW DETAILS

Seiko 12" Round Wood Classic Wall Clock

This classic wall-mounted wood clock has a round wood frame, easy-to-read numbers, and a white clock face.

Seiko 5 Bedside Alarm Clock with Beep/Bell & SnoozeVIEW DETAILS

Seiko 5" Bedside Alarm Clock with Beep/Bell & Snooze

This alarm clock is easy on the eyes and comes with a large dial and silver-tone case. The beep alarm comes complete...

Seiko Wall Clock Quiet Sweep Second Hand Dark Brown Solid Oak CaseVIEW DETAILS

Seiko Wall Clock Quiet Sweep Second Hand Dark Brown Solid Oak Case

With its classic style, the Seiko Wall Clock is the perfect addition to your home or office. Built with a dark-brown...



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Record breaking clock invented which only loses a second in 15bn years

The clock in the latest study, developed by scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado in Boulder, measures time by detecting the natural vibrations or “ticks” of strontium atoms in red laser ... April 22, 2015

Dreaming Designs for Land and Space

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Deconstructed: Omega Seamaster 300, Circa 1966

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Jean Dunand's Shabaka Returns

The button at 4 o'clock advances all of the calendar functions simultaneously by one day. The button at 2 o'clock advances the day only. There is also a pushpiece in the crown to set the months and years separately, while a pushpiece in the case band ... March 21, 2015

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10 Clever Clocks & Watches That Spring Forward (And Back) By Themselves

It's lightweight -- only 3.7 ounces. Runs on one AAA battery. 5. Seiko Advanced Technology Global Atomic Alarm Clock Seiko has a few different models of this clock, but I prefer this one... it's sleek. Model number is QHRO18KLH. This Seiko is a traveler to ... January 27, 2013

Seiko Slimstick

Last week, it was the Tanita BC558. This week, the Seiko Slimstick, a more portable weight-loss device. The Seiko Slimstick is a more advanced version of those old-school pedometers that can count your steps. Just between you and me, I always thought those ... April 27, 2008

Earl Buchmann Joins Seiko I Infotech as Sales & Business Development Manager

About Seiko I Infotech Seiko I Infotech Inc. is a leading company in wide-format printing technology, and is a subsidiary company of Seiko Instruments, Inc. (SII), headquartered in Chiba, Japan. Seiko I Infotech, Inc. develops and manufactures precision ... July 1, 2007

Seiko Instruments Micro Printer Division Multiplies Customer Base with Ingram Micro Distribution Agreement

Jan 31, 2007--Seiko Instruments USA Inc., Micro Printer Division ... for more than 25 years and is recognized as a global leader in direct thermal printing technology. "This initiative builds on our successful track record of offering proven, direct ... January 30, 2007

Seiko's RTCs retain accuracy

Seiko Instruments' real time clocks (RTCs) feature low current consumption for MP3 players, digital cameras, digital video cameras, handheld games, mobile phones, and home security systems. The S-35190A and S-35390A real time clock (RTC) ICs offer ultra ... November 24, 2005

Ten O'Clock Tech: Thumbs Get Busy On the Palm

But even for the most advanced user of the Palm operating system ... The newest to join the steadily growing queue is the Thumboard from Seiko Instruments Austin , an affiliate of Japan’s Seiko Instruments . Designed with the sleek Palm V series in ... July 13, 2001


SEIKO Clocks Wanduhr Funk QXR205S

Funk 07.12.15

SEIKO Clocks Wanduhr Funk QXR205S


Industrial Innovation in Japan

Routledge.2008.ISBN: 9781134098880,113409888X.272 pages.

In this new book, Hara, Kambayashi and Matsushima gather together a...