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Review of the Seiko QXA520WLH Wall Clock

July 15, 2018

A video review of the Seiko QXA520WLH Modern Looking simple and functional Wall Clock. The inside plate is a nice metal look and the outer ring is white ...

What is the best seiko advance technology clock?

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Can the Swiss Watchmaker Survive the Digital Age?

In response to Apple's plans to introduce a high-tech watch this year, the chief executive of Frédérique Constant, Peter Stas, decided the company would produce its own. It would not be a minicomputer with a screen, like Apple's. Instead, it would ... June 3, 2015

Apple Watch arrives in April as 'most advanced timepiece ever created'

Nick Statt is a staff reporter for News covering Microsoft, gaming, and technology you sometimes wear. Basic stuff like an analog Seiko model I got on sale for $80, or a digital watch that also lights up, with date, stopwatch, and alarm ... March 9, 2015

Record breaking clock invented which only loses a second in 15bn years

The clock in the latest study, developed by scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Colorado in Boulder, measures time by detecting the natural vibrations or “ticks” of strontium atoms in red laser ... April 22, 2015

Dreaming Designs for Land and Space

But, coupling his firmware and Bluetooth expertise with technological advances, such as miniature stepping motors and microcontrollers — mini-computers — that could be powered by a coin cell battery, “I suddenly realized that all of this was possible ... March 18, 2015

Apple Watch: the fashion verdict

This is the first piece of tech that has achieved standalone desirability, rather than as an extension of its functionality. When I told friends I was Having chosen the size and strap, the next key style decision is which clock face to display ... April 28, 2015

Deconstructed: Omega Seamaster 300, Circa 1966

Just the same, thanks to technology it advanced while developing watches for the British Royal Air Force during WWII, Omega engineered the Seamaster with an unbreakable crystal that was pressurized in place; a waterproof case back that was, in Omega's ... April 14, 2015

Jean Dunand's Shabaka Returns

The button at 4 o'clock advances all of the calendar functions simultaneously by one day. The button at 2 o'clock advances the day only. There is also a pushpiece in the crown to set the months and years separately, while a pushpiece in the case band ... March 21, 2015


Deconstructed: Omega Seamaster 300, Circa 1966 - Christie's

Deconstructed: Omega Seamaster 300, Circa 1966 This reference 166. 024 exemplifies the glamour of 1960s deep-sea exploration, a direct heir to the Seamasters worn by Jacques Cousteau’s team. There are big names in the vintage dive-watch market — Favre Leuba, Doxa, Zodiac, and Seiko are examples — and small names, like Aquadive, Z. R. C. , and Aureus. But in terms of provenance and technical merit, three design stalwarts stand apart: the 1967 launched its storied Seamaster line in 1948, but this ‘300,’ bears absolutely no resemblance to that early predecessor. Designed to celebrate its 100th anniversary, Omega advertised the first Seamaster for the rigors of ’town, sea and country,’ but the small, unassuming dress wristwatch with a pull out crown hardly seemed the piece to wear when exploring an ocean. Just the same, thanks to technology it advanced while developing watches for the British Royal Air Force during WWII, Omega engineered the Seamaster with an unbreakable crystal that was pressurized in place. Nine years later, Omega launched three new purpose-built, professional-grade, heavier steel watches with straight lugs, broad arrow hands, and black dials: the Speedmaster, Railmaster, and Seamaster 300. This ref 166. 024 is the fifth iteration of... Debuting in 1966, the 166. 024 kept the familiar bakelite bezel and thick, domed, shatterproof Hesalite crystal from its forebears, but by then Omega had replaced the broad arrows with a fat sword hour hand and pencil minute hand.

Jean Dunand's Shabaka Returns - Quill & Pad

Which is one of the reasons I am particularly happy that his co-founding business partner in Jean Dunand, Christophe Claret, has decided to reinvent the Shabaka and bring it back into the public eye. When the pair launched Jean Dunand back in 2003, it had an alluring, artistic aspect to it. The Tourbillon Orbital, the boutique brand’s premier timepiece, making its debut in 2004, was conceived to be outfitted with unique dials for each client. The Shabaka, first introduced in 2007 and named for a twenty-fifth dynasty pharaoh of Egypt, was different from Jean Dunand’s other timepieces. The Art Deco-inspired watch could be customized, but its shaped case and unusual displays comprising cylinder rolls was not easily combined with stones and the type of dials that were common on the Tourbillon Orbital. The new Shabaka is thus presented for the first time in a round 47 mm case – perfect for combining with artisanal dials. Instead of using conventional disks, Shabaka’s instantaneous perpetual calendar comprising displays of the day, date, and month on four rotating cylinders made of anti-corondal (an aluminum material for lightness) are rotated by four individual... This instant-change system is one that Claret patented while making.

Behind The Lens: McGonigle Tuscar One Of Ten - Quill & Pad

For those of you who are regular readers of my “Behind the Lens” series, it’s no secret that my watch pals and I are big fans of independent watchmaking. This particular watch is one of a series of ten “subscription” pieces made by the McGonigles and sold to patrons who paid part of the price in advance in order to provide working capital for the effort. As you can see in the image above, the One of Ten watches are characterized by their transparency. Unlike the later Banu series, whose watches feature a smoky sapphire crystal plate between 3 and 9 o’clock, these watches feature a clear sapphire sub-plate bearing the numerals and brand name. Usually, a photo of the rear of a watch would say “movement side. ” in the case of the Tuscar, that’s not really appropriate as the key movement elements here are deliciously visible from the front of the watch. As you can see, the German silver plate and bridge on this side of the watch provide a subtle, but pleasing, visual contrast to the white gold case. In this shot, I’ve tried to showcase some of the finishing choices that make this watch so interesting to look at. Circular graining adorns many of the key elements, including the “tweezers” that hold the balance wheel, but we also see straight...

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10 Clever Clocks & Watches That Spring Forward (And Back) By Themselves

It's lightweight -- only 3.7 ounces. Runs on one AAA battery. 5. Seiko Advanced Technology Global Atomic Alarm Clock Seiko has a few different models of this clock, but I prefer this one... it's sleek. Model number is QHRO18KLH. This Seiko is a traveler to ... January 27, 2013

Seiko Slimstick

Last week, it was the Tanita BC558. This week, the Seiko Slimstick, a more portable weight-loss device. The Seiko Slimstick is a more advanced version of those old-school pedometers that can count your steps. Just between you and me, I always thought those ... April 27, 2008

Earl Buchmann Joins Seiko I Infotech as Sales & Business Development Manager

About Seiko I Infotech Seiko I Infotech Inc. is a leading company in wide-format printing technology, and is a subsidiary company of Seiko Instruments, Inc. (SII), headquartered in Chiba, Japan. Seiko I Infotech, Inc. develops and manufactures precision ... July 1, 2007

Seiko Instruments Micro Printer Division Multiplies Customer Base with Ingram Micro Distribution Agreement

Jan 31, 2007--Seiko Instruments USA Inc., Micro Printer Division ... for more than 25 years and is recognized as a global leader in direct thermal printing technology. "This initiative builds on our successful track record of offering proven, direct ... January 30, 2007

Seiko's RTCs retain accuracy

Seiko Instruments' real time clocks (RTCs) feature low current consumption for MP3 players, digital cameras, digital video cameras, handheld games, mobile phones, and home security systems. The S-35190A and S-35390A real time clock (RTC) ICs offer ultra ... November 24, 2005

Ten O'Clock Tech: Thumbs Get Busy On the Palm

But even for the most advanced user of the Palm operating system ... The newest to join the steadily growing queue is the Thumboard from Seiko Instruments Austin , an affiliate of Japan’s Seiko Instruments . Designed with the sleek Palm V series in ... July 13, 2001


SEIKO Clocks Wanduhr Funk QXR205S

Funk 07.12.15

SEIKO Clocks Wanduhr Funk QXR205S


Industrial Innovation in Japan

Routledge.2008.ISBN: 9781134098880,113409888X.272 pages.

In this new book, Hara, Kambayashi and Matsushima gather together a...