seiko brass desk table world time bezel clock

seiko brass desk table world time bezel clock bestsellers

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Mantel Clocks Suppliers

Distributor of mantel clocks with brushed gold tone metal case, smoked gray acrylic panel, automatic world time dial & crystal glass ... Features include gold plated handles, brass diamond cut bezels & polished brass finished bases. July 5, 2015

Four Mechanical Alternatives to the Apple Watch

Here are four watches, three of them vintage, priced roughly at each of Apple Watch’s announced ... with the rotating bezel to make tracking a second time zone incredibly simple. When the bezel’s triangle is aligned to 12 o’clock, the red arrow ... March 13, 2015

Nick Harris Is Modding His Way Into American Watchmaking

From tarmac to the wilds, even the roads that lead to those roads are worth the trip. The traveler's watch is uniquely outfitted to keep track of the world’s time zones at a glance. Here is our updated list of the 10 best. March 4, 2015

Royal Mail Travel Clock

The royal mail travel clock ... has four brass extensions to prevent the glass from being damaged. It has a solid brass campaign carrying handle, quartz mechanism and a convex glass brass bezel. The cover plate on back is engraved with 1900 world time ... December 10, 2013

Science, Technology & Clocks featuring Toys & Dolls | Skinner Auction 2447

Follow publisher Unfollow publisher Skinner, Inc. Skinner's July 2009 auction of Science Technology & Clocks features the most comprehensive collection of scientific instruments to come to market in a long time. From a private collection, offerings include ... August 8, 2010

Gift guide: Design

Originating in Germany and the Low Countries in the mid-16th century, doll’s houses were initially designed as display cabinets for valuable miniatures. However, children soon got in on the act. This house was designed in the early 20th century by ... December 5, 2008


David Weber, Gilt-Brass and Silver Table Clock

News 05.29.15

David Weber, Gilt-Brass and Silver Table Clock