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Can the Swiss Watchmaker Survive the Digital Age?

When Swiss companies declined to make quartz devices, inexpensive Japanese watches from companies like Seiko became popular around the world. The “quartz crisis” killed off so many . Then the watch displays how close you are to meeting it, using the ... June 3, 2015

Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Watch

You can put the Apple Watch on your wrist April 10. That's according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who stepped on stage Monday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco to unveil the final details about the wearable device, which was ... March 9, 2015

Apple Watch could 'win the wrist back'

SAN FRANCISCO – The proud Swiss watchmakers were nervous. For centuries, they'd built wrist-borne mechanical marvels that corralled time. Now a new technology had them all but dumping their workbenches in clear Alpine lakes. It was Christmas Day ... March 8, 2015

Apple Watch? Whatever. Reviewing the Timex Datalink, the world's first ...

Stores up to 150 phone numbers (hence the “150” in the model name); Synchronize contacts, appointments, and to-do lists directly from your computer; Five separate daily alarms; Twelve loadable “WristApps” like stopwatch, countdown timer, and a golf ... April 14, 2015

'Kawaii' gets a landmark

A fitting home for kawaii culture then, itself a rebellion of sorts, albeit less overtly so than punk or other contemporaneous styles (kawaii emerged in the early 1970s, peaking — for the first time — in popularity in the early '80s along with “cute ... December 25, 2014

Five Pretty Good Video Game Clocks

This weekend, most people in North America are celebrating daylight saving by setting their clocks ahead an hour. Well, not “celebrating” so much as “being required to observe,” but either way, you're probably going to have to mess with a clock in the ... March 6, 2015

Huge Upgrades For Your Home Network, Better Blenders, and More Deals

This may look like a modern block of blonde wood, but it's actually a full-fledged Bluetooth speaker and LED alarm clock. It's also never been cheaper. [GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker & Wooden Alarm Clock, $35 with code ... October 23, 2014

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Seiko Men's Alarm Chronograph Watch

Bought watch as had Seiko watches in the past and liked look and quality for ... perpetual watches by having a days of the week dial along with a stopwatch and alarm function which is very easy to use. I opted for the goldsmiths collection and was ... March 2, 2015

Top 10 Bizarre Alarm Clocks From Japan That Could Wake Godzilla

The Handsome Man Bank (known in Japanese as the Ikemen Bank ... Step right up and welcome to the cuteness that is the Singing Dog Alarm Clock! This is no mere novelty clock as it's made by Seiko (though it displays the brand name Pyxis) and presumably ... June 4, 2014

Seiko Clocks Alarm Clock Radio Controlled

Well built of good quality, its a nice looking clock. Its very very easy to set up and the alarm is idiot proof. Decent alarm volume and bound to be very accurate. Its bigger than I expected but that does not detract from appearance. All in all I am ... April 14, 2014

Digital airwave alarm clock

Seiko’s new digital alarm clock comes with both standard and electronic sounds. Users can choose between the electronic sound and analog bell sound according to their daily morning needs and lifestyle. Price: 4,200 yen. September 28, 2009

Turning MoMA on Its Head

There’s a rubber-encased Seiko alarm clock that’s quietly enthralling, and a ribbed-aluminum side table that manages to evoke corrugated cardboard without looking cheap (or channeling Shigeru Ban). And Mark Sanders’s foldable Strida bicycle makes a ... August 14, 2008

Schoolhouse Clock Is A Timely Collectible

Within a few years, the company was producing pocket watches, alarm clocks, table clocks and musical clocks. In 1913, Seikosha made Japan's first wristwatch. Eleven years later, it introduced its famous brand name, Seiko. This clock is worth about $500. December 28, 2002


Seiko QHK023SLH Bedside Alarm Clock Review

Carmelinars4 01.13.15

Seiko QHK023SLH Bedside Alarm Clock Review